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For better or for worse (it’s for worse), Kenya Moore is still with Marc Daly, despite the way that he treats her.

On this week’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Marc openly sided with her archenemy, NeNe Leakes. WTF?!

Cynthia Bailey Caught In a Lie

There has been so much cheating discussed on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Sometimes, it’s hard to be lucky in love.

This week, it was Cynthia Bailey’s turn to be concerned.

Her fiance, Mike Hill, was characterized as having been a player by his female friends.

When Cynthia took a closer look through his memoir, she saw that he had cheated on not one but two ex-wives. Not good news.

Cynthia Erivo at 2020 Oscars

Cynthia spoke to Mike about it, noting that she has never cheated and never would cheat.

Mike’s reply of "never say never" did not go over well. Honestly, that would be a great time to break off an engagement.

At this point, Mike was defensive, saying that she was pointing out his flaws and not allowing him to reciprocate.

They need counseling, and Cynthia said as much, but he was still reluctant. Then, he took the initiative and found one.

Meanwhile, Kandi and Kenya planned a cast trip to Greece.

While Eva’s pregnancy disqualified her from making the journey, even NeNe made the invitation list.

"Lemme think," Kenya said to the confessional camera.

"Would I invite a treacherous, nasty, hypocritical bully on a Greece trip if Kandi was not co-hosting?" she asked. "Hmmm. Yeah, no."

Marc Daly and Kenya Moore

Speaking of inviting — or not inviting — NeNe, Kenya and her cheating husband Marc Daly were planning a couples bowling event.

The bowling session was a buildup to a charity event that Marc was setting up, and Kenya did not want to invite NeNe to that.

Kenya gave Marc the go-ahead to invite Gregg Leakes but not NeNe.

She explained to a producer: "I know how nasty she has been to me for no reason. I’m not going to invite NeNe."

Kenya Moore with B Necklace

Kenya explained to Marc that she was "very uncomfortable being in an intimate setting with her."

She added: "when she has not addressed the fact that she has tried to fight me, she’s called me names, she’s cursing me out…"

Marc was astonished that NeNe had tried to physically fight with Kenya. 

"Yes," Kenya confirmed. "She got in my face, pointing, and people had to hold her back."

Kenya Moore and Husband

For whatever reason, Marc opted to give NeNe the benefit of the doubt, which is just … extremely dumb. What are you doing, Marc?

Speaking of Marc not taking Kenya’s side, he ended up putting her on blast in front of everyone.

Tonya wasn’t there, on the grounds that it was a couples event and her man couldn’t make it.

Marc insisted that he’d never said that it was only for couples. Cynthia and Eva both came solo.

Kenya Moore and Marc Daly and Daughter

"I feel like the whole essence of a charity event would’ve been a good opportunity to have Tanya and have Paul come to this," Porsha told Kenya.

"Tanya had a relationship with you," she added. "Y’all liked each other."

Porsha said to Kenya: "There was something unfortunate that happened that both of y’all went there…"

She means when Kenya called Tonya the C-word.

"Oh, really? It was unfortunate?" Kenya retorted.

"Oh, yeah," Porsha replied. "You calling my friend a c–t is pretty unf–kingfortunate!"

As things became more heated, Marc interrupted, calling Kenya "Ken" repeatedly. Everyone noticed.

People also noticed that Kenya seems more subdued in Marc’s presence.

NeNe Leakes' Eyes Widen in Anger

NeNe and Gregg more or less crashed the event once the bowling was over with.

Kenya refused a hug from NeNe while Marc and Gregg chatted.

Marc announced to the whole group tha the Leakes were invited. He might as well have said that he didn’t give a f–k about his wife’s feelings.

Kenya claimed that she supported Marc. NeNe told the camera that she likes "Ken" because she shuts up. Ugh.