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Counting On fans have felt sure that Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant for a little while now.

After recent family photos, however, they’re convinced that they finally have proof. Take a look:

Joy-Anna Duggar, Hat Selfie
Photo via Instagram

As the Duggars themselves have admitted more than once, when they have a huge family gathering, there’s always an announcement.

It doesn’t always mean that someone’s pregnant, but … when you have such a massive fertility cult, it’s a safe bet that somebody’s expecting.

But the Duggar family snapped and shared (via Jessa) a sprawling photo of all of the family’s "sisters" and shared it with fans.

Followers couldn’t help but notice that Joy-Anna appears to have been singled out.

Duggar Family: All Sisters But Two
Photo via Instagram

"All the sisters but two!" the photo’s caption reads. "Just missing Kendra & Johannah."

Do you notice where Joy-Anna is positioned?

She is standing at the back and holding Bella, her niece, over her midsection.

This frames Joy as the center of attention … and fans believe that Bella’s positioning may be intended to hide a slight baby bump.

Jessa Duggar also shared a glimpse of Joy-Anna on her Instagram Stories.

Notice that Joy’s shirt isn’t framing her torso with a lot of detail — which is pretty on brand for the family, actually.

But looking at the Story, fans wondered if Joy-Anna is harboring the beginnings of a baby bump.

It’s certainly possible. It’s also very possible that a post-brunch photo could make just about anyone look like they have a baby bump, you know?

In the interests of full disclosure, there is a counter-theory floating around among Counting On fans.

Jinger may not have been front and center (or back and center, as the case may be) in that family photo, but …

… Fans can’t help wondering if she may be about to announce that Felicity is going to get a younger sibling soon.

That’s definitely something to consider. And with this family, two siblings being pregnant at the same time isn’t just possible, it’s statistically inevitable.

If Joy-Anna is pregnant again, this would be with a rainbow baby — a term referring to the first child that one has after a miscarriage.

Joy was 20 weeks pregnant last summer when she suffered a miscarraige.

She and Austin were going to name the baby Annabell. Now, they will never get to meet her.

We know that Joy will always grieve the daughter who could have been, and that a new child cannot replace the pain that she endured.

Some fans are wondering if there’s real reason to doubt that Joy could be pregnant right now.

In January, she stunned fans by working a job. It was Austin’s job, but Jim Bob’s ideas about gender roles in marriages are very firm.

This is relevant to pregnancy because Joy was working outside in the cold, constantly bending over to pick up yard debris.

We’re not saying that a pregnant woman couldn’t do this, particularly early in her pregnancy. But, in Joy’s life circumstances, would she?

Joy and Austin on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

Ultimately, on Joy-Anna can tell the world that she’s once again preggo.

Most celebrities might wait longer into their pregnancies before making an announcement if they’ve recently suffered a miscarriage.

However, because the Duggars consider miscarriages to be not just personal tragedies, but actual deaths, they talk about them differently than most.

So it could be that Joy and Austin will announce their good news — if they have any to offer — very soon.

But that’s a very personal choice. Whatever Jim Bob believes, we would more than understand if Joy waits a while before making an announcement.