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Even though Kenya Moore is returning for Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, her love life isn’t doing nearly as well as her reality career.

Indeed, in September we learned that she regained her peach but lost her love, as she announced that she’s divorcing Marc Daly.

Now, we finally know why. Dude wanted her to give up her whole life for him, then went and cheated on her left and right.

Marc Daly and Kenya Moore, Wedding Kiss

On Thursday, Us Weekly reported that Marc Daly was cheating on Kenya, and this wasn’t just a single mistress or a one-time thing.

"Marc has had multiple affairs on Kenya," the insider reveals.

"She walked away from her career for him," the source observes.

"And," the insider notes. "He had no problem with that."

The source then accuses: "and no problem disrespecting her."

Kenya Moore and Marc Daly

Just weeks ago, on September 19, Kenya announced that her marriage is over already.

"It is with profound sadness that I regret to inform my fans that I am divorcing my husband, Marc Daly,” Kenya began.

Her statement went out of its way to be vague.

“Due to recent and ongoing circumstances," she explained. "I can no longer continue in the marriage."

That could be anything and everything, and she knew it.

Kenya Moore and Marc Daly and Daughter

"My sole concern and focus is and will always be my daughter, Brooklyn," Kenya correctly added.

Once you create a person, you owe them everything. The best of your attention, your patience, your love, and your time.

She goes on to refer to Brooklyn as "my miracle baby."

Notably, Kenya gave birth to Brooklyn past the age at which doctors generally recommend a pregnancy.

Kenya affirmed: "She was made in love and true commitment."

Kenya Moore Flaunts Post-Baby Bikini Body on Birthday

Clearly, that last line was a reference to Marc’s cheating, possibly intended to point fans in that direction without saying anything directly.

Finally, Kenya concluded: "I ask for our privacy to be respected moving forward."

Not to be all that’s what they all say, but generally, most statements aboud divorce, separation, breaking up, or a family death end with that line.

Up to a point, it’s a very reasonable request, but they know that fans will be curious.

And, of course, reality stars and other celebrities know that their cultural relevance is largely contingent upon fans keeping up with their lives.

Marc Daly and Kenya Moore

It’s obviously hugely disappointing to hear that Marc is allegedly a no good cheater.

One, that’s hugely unfair to Kenya, a human being with feelings. It’s also unfair to Brooklyn, though she doesn’t know that yet.

But as you may recall, Marc was aggressively camera-shy, to the point where they had a secret wedding that almost got Kenya fired on the spot.

His reason for avoiding The Real Housewives of Atlanta was that he felt that the show portrays black men in a negative light.

In particular, he resented how black men seemed to be shown to be worse partners in comparison to white men.

Kenya Moore with B Necklace

He was absolutely right to say that. People have written entire dissertations on reality shows and this one in particular.

Reality television rewards bad bheavior in its stars, but has a particularly negative effect upon public perceptions of black stars.

Eventually, Marc did agree to appear on the show.

But he can’t blame Bravo’s cameras for his infidelity, now can he?

Unfortunately, someone can be right about an important issue and still be a garbage person in their private life.