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We probably don’t need to tell you that the relationship between Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez has not always been smooth sailing.

In fact, it’s a safe bet that both parties’ lives would be considerably less insane if they simply decided to cut ties with one another forever.

In Celebration of Lux

Of course, that would be hard to manage, considering these two just can’t stop making babies together.

Lowry is once again pregnant with Lopez’s baby, and it seems the news has not led to improved relations between the parents of little Lux.

Around the time Kail conceived her fourth child, she also filed for a restraining order against Lopez following an unspecified incident that led to police involvement.

We don’t know if it’s possible for relationships to be any more up and down than that.

Kailyn with Chris

These days, Kail and Chris seem to have reached an uneasy truce, so perhaps it’s not surprising that Lowry would prefer that her fans keep their anti-Chris trash talk to themselves for the time being.

A Teen Mom-focused Instagram account recently posted a message from a fan who speculated that Kail is "just mad" at Chris because he’s so “blatant and disrespectful”

Another fan accused him of not fully appreciating Kail.

“She’s a great come-up. What is his problem?” the follower wrote.

Chris Lopez Boxes

The remarks were mostly complimentary toward Kail, but it seems Lowry has simply had enough of fans offering their opinions about her highly complex relationship.

“I accept my stupidity here,” she responded in the comments.

“But as we all know, someone who doesn’t want to commit doesn’t commit LOL," she added.

"I had to separate the words with the actions. It took me a while … Can y’all let it go now?” 

Chris Lopez With Lux

It sounds like Kail is still not on great terms with Chris, but would prefer not to be reminded of her past mistakes every time she goes online.

In a recent interview with In Touch, Kail implied that she has cut ties with Chris to the extent that she’s able, and she won’t be saying anything more on the subject for the time being.

“Legally, I’m not able to go into detail,” she told the outlet.

“Domestic violence and narcissism are very real subjects, and when I’m in the place to be able to offer advice, I will.”

Kailyn and Her Family

That’s probably for the best.

Kail is a pregnant mother of three in the midst of a global pandemic.

We think it’s safe to say she has enough on her plate for now.

We’d encourage Chris to lend her a hand during this difficult time, but we all know that’s not happening.