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Jax Taylor says a lot of idiotic things.

In fact, aside from compulsively lying, cheating on his wife, and screwing over his friends, saying dumb stuff is kind of his number one schtick.

Jax Taylor Meltdown

In the early seasons, Jax’s foolishness was occasionally amusing, but now, in his forties, it’s calcified into the sort of bitter ignorance that generally makes the world a worse place.

These days, Jax is sounding off about the coronavirus pandemic and his fire-and-brimstone sermon on the subject is every bit as cringe-inducing as you would expect:

“I know a lot of people are out of work and are having a rough time and that sucks and I am so sorry, but I feel like this is a punishment from the man upstairs,” he wrote on Twitter and Instagram this week.

Jax on Vanderpump

“I really think he’s tired of the way we treat people, he’s tired of how we treat the planet, probably thinks some of us are ungrateful, I mean I could go on and on.. but this is like a serious ‘time out’ for the world,” Jax continued.

"When we come out of this we need to change for the better. All of us need a wake up call, we need to change our ways because obviously it wasn’t working and we needed a punishment and this is it,” he droned on.

“The true test will be how we come out of this, and when we do, remember what it was like when our freedom was taken from us.”

Jax Taylor on a Red Carpet

As though Jax isn’t one of the most repugnant individuals to ever anchor a basic cable reality show, he concluded by exhorting you — yes, you — to clean up your effing act:

“Let’s show the man upstairs that we can do better for ourselves and humanity,” he wrote, adding a crucifix and a heart.

“He’s done so much for us, it’s time to pay him back.”

We understand that a lot of people are trying to make sense of the unprecedented global upheaval of the past few weeks.

Jax Taylor in a Coat

And there’s certainly nothing wrong with seeking meaning through religion of philosophy.

But Jax can cram it with this preachy BS.

This is a guy who’s spent 8 seasons engaging in every type of petty, selfish, abusive behavior, and while Jax like to say he’s changed his ways he actually seems to have gotten worse in recent years.

Rumors that his marriage to Brittany Cartwright is falling apart started pretty much immediately after those two tied the knot.

Jax Taylor Brittany Cartwright Bravo Offices

And the reported causes are the same stuff that’s made Jax a terrible partner from he very beginning — the rage problem, the lying, the cheating, the general inability to stop being Jax Taylor.

More relevant to his sermon about the need to treat people better, however, is the fact that Jax remains the worst type of bully on social media, often hurling bigoted slurs and attacking Twitter and Instagram users for their physical appearances.

He likes to pretend this is a reaction to negative comments he receives online, but that’s not the case.


In fact, back in November Jax was almost fired from Vanderpump Rules for hurling homophobic slurs at a man who dared to disagree with his opinion about a professional hockey team’s new uniforms.

The guy wasn’t even tweeting to Jax and had no idea who he is.

So yeah, maybe instead of telling the thousands of Americans who have lost loved ones to COVID-19 that God is punishing them for their wicked ways, Jax should tend to his own backyard a bit.