Chris Lopez: I'm Not Cheating on Kailyn Lowry! She's Cheating on ME!

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Another day, another dose of drama for Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez.

Last we checked in on these two, Lopez had been accused of cheating on Lowry with one of his "high school hoes."

In Celebration of Lux

For obvious reasons, it seems this allegation didn't sit well with Kail.

As you're probably aware, Kailyn is pregnant with her fourth child -- and it's Chris' baby.

Lopez has denied getting Lowry pregnant, but we're gonna go ahead and believe the woman who's carrying the child on this one.

Anyway, this has created a number of problems, not the least of which is that Kail filed for a restraining order against Chris right around the time she conceived this child.

Chris Lopez Boxes

It's unclear what exactly happened, but you might think that from that point on, Chris would be on his best behavior throughout the remainder of the pregnancy so that Kail might allow him to be as involved as possible in his son's life.

But that hasn't been the case -- and now, Kail is confirming the rumors that Chris had a side chick throughout their relationship.

“They’ve been together this whole time. Nobody needs to pass this ‘tea’ along like I don’t know,” she tweeted this week.

“I hope they can work it out this time!” she continued.

The revelation that Kail knew about the other woman led to allegations that Lopez slept with Lopez despite knowing he was in a relationship at the time.

Kailyn Lowry and Her Sonogram

Kail was quick to set the record straight in that respect:

“You got this all f–king wrong,” she tweeted on Sunday. “Me [and] him were together. He’s been lying to both of us about the other.”

On Monday, Lowry further clarified the situation in remarks she made to Us Weekly.

“It’s hurtful,” she told the magazine.

Kailyn Lowry Pregnancy Announcement

“When I loved someone so hard, it was devastating to know he was capable of hurting me to the extent that he has,” she continued.

“When someone can lie through their teeth so well -- I fell for it, only to find out later my gut was right all along."

Astonishingly, Chris took to Instagram to clap back against Kail's exceedingly mild comments. 

“Idea. Stop talking ‘bout some BS that ain’t true for ratings and drama," he wrote.

Lopez, Chris

"She [got a] new man. Let’s move on,” Lopez continued.

Kail didn't bother to refute Chris' implication that he never cheated, but she did take issue with the latter part of his comment:

"I don’t have a new man,” she replied.

That's understandable.

After dealing with all this BS from Chris, we can certainly see why Kail would prefer to simply remain single for a while.

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