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Little People, Big World will feature new cast member this spring.

Sort of.

Staring at Caryn

The TLC series returns on March 31 with fresh episodes and an in-depth look at the relationship between Matt Roloff and Caryn Chander, with the latter taking on more of a role than ever before this season.

How so?

Back when episodes of this upcoming season were filmed, Matt was in a pretty heated standoff with ex-wife Amy.

They were fighting over the future of their farm, specifically whether or not Amy would sell her portion of the Oregon land to her former husband.

Caryn and Matt in Arizona
Photo via Instagram

As those who follow the Roloffs likely know by now, the deal did eventually go through.

But we’ll see the details behind this transaction play out on future installments of the program, while also seeing how the situation impacts Matt and his serious girlfriend.

“When Matt was waiting for Amy to make all these decisions, it affected our relationship," Caryn says in a sneak peek posted by Good Housekeeping.

She goes on to add in this clip:

Matt and His Favs
Photo via Instagram

"I think since Matt owns his side of the farm, he’s just happier. But you know, Matt still owns that side of the farm with Amy, so we’re not done yet.”

It’s a complicated arrangement all around, as it has been since Amy and Matt got divorced in 2016.

They continued to work together and continued to live on the farm together, just in separate houses.

Now that Amy has left, however, that means the main home on the property is vacant. This is the home in which Amy and Matt raised their four kids.

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Would Caryn ever move in there?

“I might live on the farm one day, if he builds," she says on the new season, referring to Matt’s plans to construct his dream home, but then also emphasizies:

"All that stuff is up for negotiation. But I would never live in the big house. Ever. Put a pin in that.”

Couple is Disneyland

Chandler isn’t especially popular among Little People, Big World fans because she worked as the Roloff Farms manager prior to dating Matt and knew Amy pretty well before she got with Amy’s ex-husband.

Caryn seems aware of the awkwardness, though, and always seems to tread lightly in how she acts and in what she says in public.

Moreover, she doesn’t deny that things can get tense between her and Amy.

How could they not, right?!?

Caryn Chandler and Her Man

“I’m sure it’ll be healthier in many ways when Amy buys her home and settles elsewhere, just because there won’t be any of that friction," she also says in the aforementioned clip.

As for her future with Matt?

There’s no end in sight for these lovebirds.

They really are just beginning, it sounds like.

Caryn Chandler and Matt
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Speaking on a podcast this week about Chandler, Matt openly discussed impending wedding bells.

“Caryn and I are kind of waiting to let [ex-wife Amy Roloff’s wedding] excitement play out," he said in this interview, concluding of those just-cited wedding bells:

"I hope one day that there are and [there] probably will be."

Little People, Big World returns with new episodes on March 31.