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ATTENTION, Jim Bob Duggar:

Your niece has a message for you.

And it’s a pretty important message, so please pay extra attention.

Amy Duggar and Fam
Photo via Instagram

On Thursday, March 26, after participating in an interview that was later shut down, Amy Tweeted the following:

“I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again,” she wrote on Twitter. “‘A [woman’s] voice should never be silenced.’”

To what, specifically, was she referring in this cryptic message?

The day before, Duggar spoke with YouTube vlogger Katie Joy on her channel, Without A Crystal Ball, about her story and what it was like growing up as a member of this polarizing family…

.. while also leading a very different life from her far more conservative cousins.

However, within a few hours of this video going live online, the footage was set to private.

In a second video, Joy said it was because “someone” didn’t want the interview getting out.

In other words? Jim Bob totally pulled some strings, made some calls and got Amy silenced. 

That’s merely a guess on our part, but it’s an educated one, considering Jim Bob went out of his way to cover up his son’s molestation — even if two of Josh’s victims were his own sisters.

Amy and Daxton
Photo via Instagram

“[I] had the chance to speak with Amy Duggar King. … While this video was premiering, I received a message from Amy that someone wanted the video down. Someone,” Katie told viewers.

She added, while explaining why they can’t view the video freely any longer:

“When I found out shortly after this video went live and while it was premiering that this video would need to come down, I was shocked…

"Nothing was said negatively at all about this family.”

Amy Duggar Gives Birth
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Amy, as you likely know at this point, isn’t very close to her more famous relatives.

Just last month, reports stated that Amy isn’t even allowed to spend time with her cousins, per Jim Bob’s strict orders.

Why is Jim Bob so opposed to this niece? Mostly because she refuses to play by his ridiculous rules.

To wit: Amy is opening a bar and the only thing Jim Bob hates more than alcohol is premarital sex… or premarital hand-holding, for that matter.

Amy Duggar and Dillon King Celebrate International Women's Day 2020
Photo via Instagram

Jim Bob is also notorious for trying to control his relatives, something Derick Dillard has been screaming about for months.

On January 14, back when Dillard was shading Jim Bob left and right, Amy took to Twitter to show her support for what the law school student was doing and Tweeting.

“You really are shedding some light on some very dark, gray areas!” she told him. “Keep it up!”

Amy Duggar and Mary Duggar
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Amy gave birth to her first child in October, a son named Daxton.

She seems quite content to be removed from the main Duggar spotlight, only jumping in on occasion to defy Jim Bob in some way, shape or form.

It’s too bad she was censored in this case, but we can at least take solace in knowing this:

Much to Jim Bob’s chagrin, Amy will be back!