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It’s been three months since Amy Duggar welcomed her first child, and it seems that like most new moms, Amy has undergone a change in that time.

Somehow, she’s both more patient with her Instagram followers and less willing to put up with their crap.

Duggar and Dillon

Yes, unexpectedly, Amy has become the queen of the polite clap back.

And it’s a skill that will come in handy, since, as a Duggar, she never knows when one of her social media posts will incur the ire of her followers.

Take, for example, this announcement of she and her husband’s latest business venture.

Over the weekend, Amy posted the photo below, which shows Dillon King standing outside of a restaurant he apparently owns.

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"My Husband needed a man cave that had ventilation for his cigars sooo…instead of building a He- shed he designed this… Opening Feb 1st!!" Amy captioned the pic.

Now, the Duggars don’t drink … or engage in any activities that might be thought of as fun.

So we expected Amy to be criticized over the fact that she and her husband will soon be bar owners.

Instead, as In Touch points out, the top comment on the pic is a response to the news that Dillon enjoys smoking cigars.

Amy Duggar and Dillon King Pose

“Congrats! … Kinda sad your husband is so young and into smoking,” one follower commented.

“Smoking killed my grandpa and it’s a horrible thing to get into and to put your family in harm by second-hand smoke.”

Obviously, it’s none of this person’s business, but at least the remark was politely-worded.

Still, Amy felt the need to clarify some things with a response.

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“You don’t inhale the smoke with cigars. He also showers and changes before he holds Dax. Thank you for your concern though," she wrote.

The argument that you don’t inhale is pretty dumb, since cigars can totally still kill you with cancer, but Amy’s right that they’re not quite as dangerous as cigarettes.

Whatever the case, it seems Dillon has really stepped up and been supportive of his wife in the months since he became a dad.

“I’m obsessed with snow cones,” Amy recently told In Touch.

Amy Duggar, Husband

“So he will make a snow cone for me at, like, midnight!”

And it seems the pampering doesn’t end there.

“The day we found out we were pregnant, on Valentine’s Day, he got me six Louis Vuitton bags! So he has spoiled me!” Amy added.

“Dill has been very supportive of me getting plenty of rest!” 

Hopefully, he’ll be just as supportive once his "man cave" opens!