Amy Duggar: Jim Bob Doesn't Let Me See His Kids!

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It's been five months since Amy Duggar welcomed her first child.

Obviously, becoming a parent is a major milestone in anyone's life, but it's of particular importance in Amy's case, as she comes from a family that's famous for one thing, and one thing only -- breeding.

Amy and Daxton

Okay, to be fair, the Duggars are known for two things -- procreation and following a very strict set of rules.

And until recently, Amy refused to participate in either tradition.

She was the family rebel, the cousin who Counting On producers brought in when they wanted to create havoc see the vein in Jim Bob's forehead pop out.

So when Amy got married, settled down, and started a family of her own, it represented a fundamental shift in the Duggar dynamic.

Hello, Daxton!

Perhaps now, at 33, Amy would finally be embraced by her relatives, instead of always being seen as a threat against to their way of life.

Sadly, however, it seems that Jim Bob remains as distrustful as ever of his rebellious niece.

Amy has stated in the past that she was not allowed to spend time alone with her cousins while growing up.

An adult was present at all times to ensure that Amy's heathen ways wouldn't rub off on Jana, Jessa, and the other members of the J-squad.

Amy Duggar Gives Birth

Obviously, that's a colossal douche move on Jim Bob's part, but we're used to him being wildly overprotective of his daughters, particularly during their teen years.

According to a new report from Cheat Sheet, however, JB may be an even bigger d-bag than previously thought, as it seems he still forbids his daughters from hanging out with Amy one-on-one.

The site points out that while the Duggar girls are quick to sing Amy's praises on social media, and they seem to enjoy her company -- they literally never spend time with her outside of a group setting.

Amy Duggar at 36 Weeks

Jana Duggar, who is closest to Amy in age, seems to have been completely barred from spending time with her cousin.

Even more surprising is the fact that we never see photos of Amy with Joy-Anna Duggar -- this despite the fact that the two moms live next door to one another.

Obviously, there could be any number of reasons why the Duggar girls spend so little time with their cousin.

But the most likely explanation is that Jim Bob has "strongly encouraged" them to keep their distance.

Amy Duggar Kisses Dillon

Jim Bob has never hidden his distaste for Amy's lifestyle, and it seems the gap in their belief systems has only grown wider in recent years.

For example, JB was reportedly upset to learn that Amy is opening a bar with her husband, Dillon King, as he's almost to alcohol as he is to premarital sex.

But perhaps the most unforgivable thing that Amy has done in Jim Bob's eyes is maintain a friendship with Jill Duggar.

As you're probably aware, Jim Bob is feuding with Derick Dillard, and he's reportedly cut off contact with both Derick and Jill as a result.

Amy Duggar Maternity Photo

Jill was the only Duggar to visit Amy in the hospital after she gave birth.

And insiders say Jim Bob was not happy about it.

We may never know for sure why the Duggar patriarch so strongly dislikes his most high-profile niece.

But it's clear that he wants the beef to continue into the next generation.

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