Tori Roloff: My Baby Girl is Sick... But is a "Freaking Champ"

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Tori Roloff has two important things to share about her daughter:

1. Lilah is feeling pretty darn sick at the moment.

2. Lilah remains pretty darn awesome and oh so very strong and fantastic.

The Little People, Big World star -- whose pregnancy journey will be chronicled on the new season of this hit show this spring -- has provided fans with an in-depth baby update on her Instagram page.

Out and About with Lilah

"Wow. 3 months. What an eventful month it’s been," wrote Tori as a caption to the images immediately below, starting things off with the bad news:

"Sickness has finally hit our household and the last week have been straight up miz at the roloff household.

"Lilah is one sick girlsie but you’d never know it by these photos.

"She still has her moments of smiley girlsie but we immediately put our jammies back on after this little photoshoot and she’s napping as I write this."

Lilah Roloff at 3 Months

Darn. That sucks.

But it very much is flu and cold season, as parents around the country can most certainly relate to.

"She has not one but two viruses but honestly is handling it like a freaking cham," continued Tori.

"Praying we’re almost out of the hole! Having a sick infant is no joke and is scary when you literally can’t help them. But this girl is a strong one and this mama is stronger too.

"Anyway!! Here’s what happened this month!"

A Lilah Milestone

And, with that, as she has helpfully done so many times in the past, Tori detailed all that Lilah has been up to of late and all the stages she has hit in her development to date.

For the benefit of readers, we'll just run them down in the same fashion as Tori has done:

Lilah has gained some major neck control!

She was only waking once a night (praying this happens again once we kick this bug).

Lilah weighs 12 pounds!

Hanging with Mick

Tori then cited her family's recent trip to Disneyland before elaborating as follows:

She recognizes mama dada and baby j!

She has found her hands and loves to suck on them.

She’s showed us all she’s a strong girl and can fight through anything.

Tori Roloff and Cuties

"Keep growing Lilah Ray!" Tori wrote to conclude her post, although she'll likely be lamenting soon just how quickly Lilah is actually growing up.

Time flies, you know?

But we continue to be grateful to Tori for giving us these glimpses into her kids' lives and for keeping us apprised on how her loved ones are doing.

We cannot wait to see and learn even more on the new season of Little People, Big World!

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