Ben Seewald Shaves off Beard, Leaves Duggar Nation Completely Shook

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Jessa Duggar went on a date this week with her husband, Ben Seewald.

This, in and of itself of course, is not news.

The couple stopped by a local Whole Foods to grab some items for dinner -- which, again, would not be something we'd feel a need to write about if that were all that took place.

The New Ben Seewald

But take a close look at the photo above and you'll understand why there actually is some breaking news associated with this evenign at the grocery store.

Do you see it, folks? Yup, it's true:


“Let’s be real— I live off grocery pickup most of the time,” Jessa wrote as a caption to the shocking snapshot, adding in a message to her followers:

"But grocery shopping is never more enjoyable than when we do it together. #datenight @ben_seewald."

Ben Seewald Plays a Game

As you can see here -- and in numerous other photos of Seewald over the past several months -- this father of three usually rocka beard and mustache combination.

It's sort of become his thing over the years.

(Well, that and making lots of kids with his wife; the two are parents to sons Spurgeon, 4, Henry, 2, and daughter Ivy, who turns 1 in May.)

So while Jessa and Ben were focused on their night out together, fans were honed in on the latter's freshly-shaven face, expressing surprise over his look and mostly praising the change.

Out Shopping

“He looks so young with the clean shave!” wrote one commenter.

“The beard is gone!” added another.

“You are both cute as can be…I like the clean shave too,” said yet another Instagram user.

“Yay finally the beard is gone lol” a fourth person said, while someone else compared Seewald to a "teenager."

Ben  and  His Boys

Jessa and Ben do seem like one of the more stable pairings in Hollywood.

Despite having their hands very full with three young kids, rumors continue to swirl that another baby could be on the way soon.

How has Jessa handled such speculation? By maintaining a strong sense of humor about everything.

“Bet she [is] pregnant again now," remarked a nosy observer on social media last month, to which Jessa replied:

Yes, and it’s triplets this time!

Jessa Duggar and Co.

She's kidding, you guys.

Which is not to say Ben and Jessa will never procreate ever again. We bet they will -- at some point.

For now, instead of getting used to a new person in their family, Ben and Jessa are adjusting to a new, young-looking face. As are Duggar Nation members across the country.

What do YOU think of Seewald's altered appearance?

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