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Obligatory warning: The Bachelor spoilers ahead.

Well, Bachelor Nation, we’ve finally made it.

It’s been a long, winding road with lots of tears, a little backstabbing, and about 400,000 uses of the word "like," but we’ve finally arrived at the Hometown Round on Peter Weber’s season.

Peter Weber Plane Selfie
Photo via Instagram

Peter is down to his final four, and not to brag, but so far, things have played out just as we predicted back in October.

Of course, we’ve been told that from this point, Peter will encounter all kinds of twists that no one could see coming.

In fact, Chris Harrison says this will be the most dramatic finale in Bachelor history!

(Just kidding, he says that every year.)

Peter Weber in Tears
Photo via ABC

If you’ve been following our Bachelor spoilers all season, then you have a rough idea of how things play out from here.

(If you haven’t, and you wish to be surprised by the events to come, consider this your final spoiler alert!)

The fact of the matter is that unlike in years past, we don’t officially know who Peter will give his final rose to.

Prewett, Madison
Photo via Instagram

The most likely theory at this point – with a fair amount of evidence to support it – is that Peter is dating Madison Prewitt (above).

BUT, the two of them are not yet engaged.

But hey, instead of talking about what we don’t know, let’s focus on the sure things that are still ahead of us this evening …

Holding Victoria F.
Photo via ABC

For example, we know it’s almost time for Victoria Fuller’s (above) hometown date, and it’s gonna be a full-blown disaster.

Like Colton Underwood’s infamous fence-jump, we’ve been waiting all season for Victoria and Peter’s catastrophic trip to Virginia Beach.

As you probably know, Victoria Fuller has been one of the more controversial contestants all season, or on any season.

Victoria Fuller on The Bachelor
Photo via ABC

Whether it was her dramatic interactions with Peter, or the awkward revelation that she dated Chase Rice, Fuller has given us a lot to talk about this season.

And believe it or not, the best is yet to come.

Before this season even began, there were reports that Victoria banged several of her friends’ husbands, and in some cases, the affairs led those couples to divorce.

Victoria Fuller and Peter Weber
Photo via ABC

Obviously, the married men are much more at fault than than Victoria, but you can see how such behavior would raise some major character concerns for Peter, a guy who’s seeking his future wife.

Anyway, the preview clips for tonight’s episode show yet another tense discussion between Peter and Victoria.

“I’m just asking for the truth," he says at one point.

Photo via Instagram

“Well, it doesn’t matter anymore, Peter," the brunette angrily replies.

“Are you kidding me right now?” an irate Peter asks in another clip.

“How are we even supposed to move forward from this? And you’re supposed to come and meet my family tonight?” Victoria responds.

Why all the hostility?

Victoria Fuller Pic
Photo via ABC

Well, it seems that the argument takes place in the aftermath of a bombshell revelation.

According to a new report from Entertainment Weekly, a "mystery woman" crashes the date and fills Peter in on some damaging information.

Some fans think it’s an associate from her hometown, who tells Peter that Victoria isn’t over her relationship with Chase.

Victoria F. Photo
Photo via ABC

But we have a different theory.

Insiders say the former friends of Victoria’s whose husbands she slept with contacted the show’s producers when they learned she’d be headed back to Virginia Beach for a hometown date.

So the mystery woman is either one of Fuller’s ex-besties, or a Bachelor producer who comes bearing bad news.

Whatever the case, we’re surmising that Victoria won’t be joining Peter on the next leg of his journey … and for more on how that plays out, please see the gallery above. It’s quite something.