Caroline Flack: Boyfriend Shares Heartbreaking Tribute in Wake of Suicide

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As previously and tragically reported, Caroline Flack was found dead in her apartment on Saturday.

According to multiple reports, the former Love Island host and British television presented was only 40 years old.

Lewis Burton

Flack resigned from her post as the emcee of the aforementioned reality show only two months ago, shortly after she was arrested for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend, Lewis Burton.

She was scheduled to stand trial for this incident in early March.

Just a day before Caroline passed away, however, Burton took to Instagram Stories on Valentine's Day to share a heartwarming tribute to his leading lady.

He had previously denied reports that she hurled a lamp in his direction as part of the confrontation that led to her arrest late last year.

love you, flack

"Happy valentines," he wrote with a heart and kissing emoji, alongside a photo of the two. "Love you."

On Sunday, meanwhile, several hours after news of Flack's suicide made the viral round, Burton shared the following picture and included with it a moving message.

"My heart is broken we had something so special,” the former professional tennis player captioned this snapshot, adding:

"I am so lost for words I am in so much pain I miss you so much I know you felt safe with me you always said I don’t think about anything else when I am with you and I was not allowed to be there this time I kept asking and asking."

Caroline Flack, Boyfriend

With details still coming in regarding Flack's death, Burton added:

"I will be your voice baby I promise I will ask all the questions you wanted and I will get all the answers nothing will bring you back but I will try make you proud everyday. I love you with all my heart."

Burton also shared a screenshot of a post she had shared on Instagram over two months before her death. “In a world where you can be anything, be kind,” the post read.

“I will love you forever,” Lewis wrote alongside the message.

for flack

Late last week, Burton also -- once again -- stood by Flack in light of her arrest and assault charges.

"I'm tired of the lies and abuse aimed at my girlfriend. This is not a witch hunt this is someone's life," he wrote on Friday. "Caroline is the most lovely girl. Loyal and kind. She doesn't deserve any of this."

And now, sadly, she's gone.

Caroline Flack Talks

Along with Burton, many celebrities and British journalists have expressed their heartache over Caroline's tragic death.

"Words are way more powerful than you think...," Kelly Osbourne wrote on Instagram. "Never forgot [sic] to tell your loved ones that you love them. What a special person @carolineflack was."

She continued:

"She lit up every room because she shined so brightly. To say I'm saddened by her loss is simply not enough. It was an honor and a privilege to have known you and to call you my friend.

"I can't even believe I'm writing this."

kelly o

And then there this from Boy George:

"I hope all of you who attacked Caroline Flack even when her partner said he wanted no charges feel some sorrow today," the artist said. "This did not need to happen. This is devastating news! And yes, I hope the @cpsuk feel even deeper sorrow."

Following Flack’s death, her management company also spoke out about the Crown Prosecution Service for pursuing the assault case against Flack.

Caroline Flack Image

“In recent months Caroline had been under huge pressure because of an ongoing case and potential trial which has been well reported.

"The Crown Prosecution Service pursued this when they knew not only how very vulnerable Caroline was but also that the alleged victim did not support the prosecution and had disputed the CPS version of events,” the statement read, according to The Sun.

“The CPS should look at themselves today and how they pursued a show trial that was not only without merit but not in the public interest. And ultimately resulted in significant distress to Caroline.

"Our thoughts are with Caroline’s family at this time."

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