Peter Weber to Madison Prewett: You Could've Told Me You Were a Virgin BEFORE Fantasy Suite Week!

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If you're a Bachelor fan, then by now, you're likely aware that the show has been embroiled in yet another controversy surrounding a contestant's virginity.

Madison Prewett certainly isn't the first v-card holder to appear on TV's most sexually-charged reality show, and she likely won't be the last.

Madison Prewett and Peter Weber

But we can't recall a time when a cast member's chastity has sparked such a heated debate among the denizens of Bachelor Nation.

Some folks think Madison is as bad as Luke P.

They argue that while she didn't expressly issue Peter an ultimatum, she preemptively shamed him for taking advantage of his Fantasy Suite freedoms.

They also believe that springing her virginity on Peter so late in the competition is proof that she was more concerned with playing the game than with adhering to her moral beliefs.

Madison Prewett Picture

Others have praised Madison for standing her ground in the face of tremendous pressure.

They see nothing calculated or cynical in her decision to withhold certain information until the Fantasy Suite round.

On the contrary, these people believe that the show could benefit from more contestants who hold her old-fashioned views on the sanctity of marriage.

Of course, there's only one person whose opinion on Madison's Suite Week behavior truly matters.

Peter on the Finale

We're talking, of course, about Peter Weber, who shared his thoughts on her bombshell revelation in a recent interview with People magazine.

“I would’ve loved to have had that conversation a little bit sooner, not leading into the week of fantasy suites,” Weber told the outlet.

“But I also don’t fault her at all for what she told me, because I was very clear with all the women from the very first night to please share what’s ever on your heart.”

Pilot Pete went on to say that he's glad Madison felt comfortable enough to share her personal truth -- even if he wishes she'd chosen a more opportune time:

Poor Peter Weber

“Do not hold anything back, and if it’s on your heart, I need to know that,” he said.

“And that’s all that she did. People try to say it’s an ultimatum. It wasn’t. She simply felt I needed to know what she was feeling and I could see how uncomfortable it was for her to have that conversation with me," Peter continued.

"But at the end of the day, I’m a hypocrite if I tried to say that that wasn’t right for her to do that.”

The way Peter is defending her has bolstered theories that he's engaged to Madison these days, but we'll leave that conversation for another time.

Young Madison Prewett

It's certainly true that she handled the situation in a significantly less-douchey manner than Luke P., but just because you explicitly state that you're not giving someone an ultimatum doesn't mean you're not giving them an ultimatum.

“That is a really huge, major step. My faith is literally everything to me and I have saved myself for marriage," Madison said at one point.

"I can’t keep moving forward and continuing this relationship if I don’t get the clarity and peace and confidence that I need.”

“In no way do I want to give you an ultimatum,” she later told Peter. “But for me, actions speak louder than words.”

Madison Prewett Image

When he confessed to sleeping with Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller, Madison promptly walked away from their date.

Sort of feels like an ultimatum situation to us.

Anyway, we're sure the debate will continue to rage on both sides, but the fact is, both Peter and Madison both did what they felt was right for them in this very odd situation.

It doesn't make either of them a bad person, but it does seem to indicate that they have very different values -- which could present a lot of problems should they decide to "move forward" with their relationship.

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