Josiah Duggar Instagram Post Raises Concerns: Is He as Uneducated as He Seems?

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If you've ever spent even a few minutes watching one of their reality shows, we probably don't need to tell you the Duggars are not your typical American family.

In fact, Jim Bob and Michelle put their own twist on just about every aspect of their kids' upbringing.

Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle on Instagram

From dress codes to the infamous courtship rules, every moment of the Duggar kids' lives is under the strict control of their parents.

In order to ensure that no outside forces interfere with this control, the Duggars homeschool all of their children.

Over the years, many fans have pointed out that Jim Bob and Michelle might be cheating their kids out of a proper education through this practice.

They've insisted that's not the case, but the controversy has persisted, largely due to rumors that the Duggar kids receive a lot of religious instruction but very little in the way of traditional schooling.

Jim Bob Pic

The speculation has been particularly prominent with some of the younger Duggars, who were educated not by their parents, but by their older siblings.

As a result, everything they post on social media is heavily scrutinized in search of grammatical or spelling errors.

The worst offender in this regard seems to be Josiah Duggar.

But it's difficult to say whether he commits the most errors or whether he just gets caught the most.

Josiah and Lauren Anniversary Pic

In any event, Josiah posted the photo above this week in order to celebrate a major relationship milestone.

"I can't believe it's been two years ago today that I asked Lauren to marry me. . ." Josiah captioned the pic of himself and his wife.

"These years have been the best years I’ve had in my whole life."

The comments that remain on the pic have been overwhelmingly positive.

Josiah Duggar and His Wife

"You guys are such a beautiful couple," wrote one fan.

"My favorite Duggar couple!" another commented.

"You guys are so cute together!!" a third chimed in.

But according to a report from The Blast, there were several deleted comments regarding Josiah's grammatical error.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar with Baby Bella

Obviously, there was a problem with the phrasing on the caption.

But it hardly seems fair to speculate that that's an indication that Josiah is under-educated.

It's 2020, and you haven't posted some cringe-y typos and syntactical errors on social media by now, it's probably because you don't post very often.

This is one of those times where we feel the need to point out that there are plenty of legitimate reasons to make fun of the Duggars -- you really don't need to go digging for obscure ones.

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