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Earlier today, we reported on the possibility that Counting On won’t be returning to TLC for an eleventh season.

The news has yet to be confirmed, but in all likelihood, the Duggars’ second reality series will come to an end.

Jessa Duggar, Crazy-Eyes

Counting On ratings have been slipping for years, and even the most beloved series run out of steam on a long enough timeline.

We’ve spoken before about the Duggar kids’ failure to find success as adults, and no doubt Jim Bob and Michelle are beginning to wonder what will become of their kids once the TLC checks stop rolling in.

But it seems one of their offspring is hoping she’ll never have to find out.

In an unprecedented move, Jessa Duggar will soon become the first member of her family to appear on a different TLC series.

Jessa Photo

According to a new report from The Blast, Jessa is set to appear on an upcoming episode of Say Yes to the Dress: Alanta.

No, Jessa is not remarrying, and she and Ben Seewald are not planning a second wedding ceremony.

Jessa will appear on the show in support of Ben’s sister, Jessica, who

The Blast says the episode has not yet been filmed, but Bridals by Lori in downtown Atlanta has been scouted as the primary filming location.

Jessa Duggar on TLC

So start staking the place out now if you’re hoping to stalk Jessa!

We’re kidding — please don’t actually do that.

Jessa, of course, shares her mother’s views on "modest attire" for women, so she may find herself coming into conflict with Jessica, who apparently has much more modern views on fashion.

In other words, Jessica won’t want to walk down the aisle in a burlap sack with eyeholes, and that will probably upset her sister-in-law.

Jessa Duggar in 2020

So does the appearance mean Jessa will be branching out and creating a brand for herself outside of her family’s show?

Probably not, but some of her sisters seem to be headed in that direction.

Already, Jana Duggar has launched a YouTube channel on which she offers tips on cooking, cleaning, and other household tasks.

And of course, Jinger Duggar has moved to LA, where she’s reportedly been in talks with talent agencies.

Sounds like at least two of the Duggar women are fully prepared for when Counting On goes bust!