Blac Chyna: Rob Kardashian Is LYING! I Never Tried to Kill Him!

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It's been over three years since Rob Kardashian separated from Blac Chyna for the final time.

While the split was one of the messiest breakups in recent memory, it was widely assumed that -- with the help of master negotiator Kris Jenner -- the exes would eventually reach some common ground for the sake of their daughter, Dream.

Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna Split - snapchats

Sadly, that has yet to transpire.

In fact, the situation between Rob and Blac seems to be getting worse by the day.

Last month, Blac alleged that Rob is an unfit dad in a shocking court filing.

Rob clapped back, claiming that Blac had taught Dream sex positions to amuse her friends, and was often drunk or high in the 3-year-old's presence.

Blac Chyna Poses for Photographers

Now, it's Chyna's turn to strike a blow.

And she's taking it way back to one of the former couple's most infamous incidents.

Back in 2016, Blac allegedly attacked Rob.

And police reports from that time indicate that she was extremely aggressive in her assault on her soon-to-be ex.

Rob with His Dream

Rob claims that Blac punched, him kicked him, and attempted to choke him with an iPhone cord.

He also details a separate incident that occurred around that time, in which Blac allegedly pointed a gun at Rob and told his friends that she would shoot him if he "messes up."

Now, Blac has filed court documents in which she claims that all of Rob's allegations are bogus ... or at least that they've been madly misinterpreted.

She doesn't deny that the gun incident happened, but she says everyone in the room knew she was only joking.

Blac Chyna and Her Lips

As for the assault, she says Rob is totally full of it.

In fact, she claims the only thing that was injured that night was his ego.

In her new filing, Blac claims that Rob became extremely upset and emotional when she broke up with him.

According top Chyna, he then called the police, and made up a whole bunch of nonsense about Blac assaulting him.


It's anyone's guess who's being more honest here, but the truth of the situation can probably be found somewhere in between the two accounts.

At this point, of course, the trail is completely cold, and any investigation into the matter is likely to be fruitless.

Of course, in addition to calling the cops that night, Rob also called Lamar Odom.

Sadly, Lamar doesn't have the greatest reputation when it comes to telling the truth, and his memories from those days are -- a little hazy.

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