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2020 has scarcely begun and it’s full of drama, from major disasters to Rob Kardashian filing for custody of Dream to the looming specter of war.

Rob claims that Blac Chyna is an unfit mother and a bad influence. Now, Chyna is clapping back through her attorney.

Blac Chyna, All Made Up

Just hours after the news broke that Rob was seeking primary custody, Chyna had a response.

Her attorney, Lynne Ciani, issued a statement to Us Weekly that dismissed Rob’s claims about Chyna.

"So Rob Kardashian — who has … posted illegal revenge porn against Chyna," Ciani’s statement begins.

She notes that Rob "wants to take custody of Chyna’s beautiful daughter, Dream, away from her hands-on, extremely loving mother?"

Dream Kardashian Exists in a Colorless Void

"And Khloe Kardashian … wants to take her niece Dream away from her loving mother, Chyna?" Ciani continues. "Oh, please."

"Chyna will vigorously contest this latest despicable attempt to take away her daughter in a court of law," she affirms.

Ciani says that it is in court "where she will keep prevailing against her ex-fiance Rob. …"

She concludes: "… And the other malicious and vindictive members of his family."

Rob with His Dream

As we said, this clapback was issued only hours after TMZ broke the news about Rob’s court filing.

He wants full custody of his three-year-old daughter, after many months of what fans had assumed was amicable co-paenting.

But according to Rob’s court documents, his issue isn’t continuing bitterness with his ex and baby mama.

Instead, he is allegedly concerned over Chyna’s behavior and lifestyle and the effect that he perceives it having upon precious little Dream.

Dream Kardashian Throws a Party

Specifically, Rob accuses Chyna of making a habit of partying wildly at home while Dream is in her care and at the house.

He doesn’t just claim that she drinks, but that she somehow manages to spend $600 on alcohol per day.

More seriously, Rob claims that Chyna uses cocaine, which is illegal and can alter a person’s behavior in undesirable ways.

There is more to Rob’s concerns than Chyna’s alleged lifestyle and habits, however.

Blac Chyna Fight Gif

Rob alleges that Blac Chyna issues violent threats, even hurling knives and lit candles at her perceived enemies.

Given that his baby mama was filmed attempting to throw Dream’s stroller at Legoland some time ago, that is not a huge shocker.

He also believes that Dream has been adversely influenced by Chyna.

Rob claims that Dream has begun "naked twerking" and parroting foul language, like "bitch" and "what the f–k?"

Dream Kardashian Gets a Kiss

Worse, he alleges that Dream will pose in "sexual positions" that he claims that her mother has taught her.

He alsos ays that her hygiene has suffered, and that she will arrive at his home with messy hair, dirty nails, and dirty teeth.

Khloe Kardashian is supporting her brother in this effort.

In court documents, she attested to some, but not all, of Rob’s claims.

Rob Kardashian, Sadness Snap

Khloe also notes that she understands that Dream got into a physical confrontation with another young child in her gymnastics class.

She and Rob believe that Dream learned this behavior from Chyna.

Khloe says that she has laso heard Dream say that she does not wish to return to her mother’s home.

This is a tense situation, but while a couple of those complaints about Dream’s behavior are normal for three-year-olds, other elements are alarming.

We hope that the outcome is whatever is truly best for Dream. She is precious and innocent and deserves the world.