Ben Seewald Re-Grows Facial Hair, Sparks Debate Within Duggar Nation

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When it comes to the Duggar Family, there are plenty of topics over which total strangers on the Internet can debate.

Are Jim Bob and Michelle running a cult? Is Anna Duggar a strong woman with faith or a wife trapped in a loveless, scandal-ridden marriage due to threats made against her by her in-laws?

And, of course, how many babies are too many babies for one woman to deliver?

Ben Seewald with a Beard

But we're here now to tackle the most divisive issue to hit this family in months.

We're here to delve deeply into a polarizing decision that has sparked heated arguments online and, according to some, ended various friendships and relationships.

We're here to discuss Ben Seewald's face.

It's pretty easy on the eyes, on this we think everyone can agree.

The New Ben Seewald

However, Jessa Duggar stunned the social media universe last week when she shared photos of her and her husband shopping at Whole Foods...

... and the photos featured Seewald without his beard.

"Let’s be real— I live off grocery pickup most of the time. But grocery shopping is never more enjoyable than when we do it together. #datenight @ben_seewald," wrote Jessa as a caption to the image above.

Seewald, meanwhile, posted a similar on (below) on his own official Instagram page:

Out Shopping

Duggar Nation immediately blew up with reaction to this freshly-shaven face.

What prompted the change? Was it permanent? Did Ben lose a bet? Was he dared to pick up a razor and go to town? Was he double-dared?

Was this an improvement over Seewald's typical, more hairy appearance?

And then... bam! Just as folks were starting to accept the new Ben Seewald, Jessa went ahead and revealed that her man had gone back to the beard.

Ben Seewald, Post-Haircut

"I am not a professional but I’ve been cutting hair for my brothers, their friends, family. I really enjoy it," wrote Jessa as a caption to the picture above, snapped post-haircut.

She added:

"I’ve been cutting hair about 15 years, but I used to only buzzcut back in the day."

That's great and all, Jessa. But not many people on Twitter or the World Wide Web in general care much about your hairstyling, as impressive as a talent this may be.

Jessa Duggar and Co.

They care, instead, about the dueling sides of Ben Seewald.

What is his best look? Facial hair or no facial hair? Can we finally arrive at a resolution to this pressing matter?

We can certainly try, right?

Study both options here and then vote: What is Ben Seewald's best look? 

And the Winner is?

How do you like your Ben Seewald, folks? Cleanly shaven or rocking some facial hair? Vote now! View Poll »

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