Corey Feldman: Pedophiles Tried to Run Me Over With Monster Trucks!

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Two years ago, Corey Feldman was hospitalized after being stabbed by an apparent stranger. Now, he reveals that this was not the first time.

Recalling another harrowing brush with sexual predators trying to silence him, he shares a story of nearly being run over by monster trucks.

Corey Feldman: Peace!

For years, Corey Feldman has been outspoken about the horrific trauma that he and other young actors endured as minors.

In particularly, he has spoken about the sexual predators who abused him and who raped the late Corey Haim when they were powerless children.

On March 9, Corey is unveiling his crowdfunded documentary, (my) TRUTH: The Rape of 2 Coreys as a one-time streaming event.

Corey is making the rounds and doing interviews, and in a recent interview, he shares alarming stories of attempts to silence him.

Corey Feldman Selfie

Corey Feldman was a guest star on The Domenick Nati show where he spoke about his harrowing experiences.

"Not only have I received multiple death threats from multiple people working in a kind of cult if you will," Corey begins.

He quickly clarifies: "which is a conspiracy, a group of people that was put together to kind of scare me, to frighten me."

"And yes, I’ve been receiving tons of pushback from those people," Corey states, "and I’ve also gotten two attempts on my life."

Corey Feldman Wants to Expose Predators

"Two actual attempts," Corey notes, "and I actually ended up in the hospital on one of them."

"I was stabbed," he states.

Corey recalls: "They opened my door; they stopped me at a stoplight, in an unmarked car. Stabbed me once."

"Opened my door, got it open, stabbed me once, and then walked away…." he adds.

Corey Feldman in Pain

"And we actually have a lot of information about the connections," Corey reveals, "and how we know that it was direct."

"But I can’t expose that, of course," he says. "A lot of this you’re going to have to wait and see in the film."

"Then there was the first incident," Corey shares, "when I almost got run over by two speeding monster trucks that came at me in the middle of nowhere"

He says that this was "after we’d been sitting in one place for over an hour, and then decided to walk."

Corey Feldman on the Couch

"And then as soon as we started walking," Corey recounts, "these two trucks appeared out of nowhere."

He says that the trucks simply appeared "and tried to run us over."

'So, I mean, it’s very real, very scary stuff," he expresses.

Yes, that sounds absolutely terrifying. And also deeply odd for an assassination attempt, right? But there may be a method to the madness.

Corey Feldman in 2013

Hypothetically speaking, why would someone target Corey Feldman with monster trucks?

That's really two questions: why use something so outlandish, and why go through all of that effort just to let him live?

Our guess is probably for the same reason that someone would reach into his car and "stab" him at a stoplight without causing a serious injury.

It would appear that someone wants Corey to continue to fear for his life ... but for people to think that his stories are too crazy to believe.

Corey Feldman Friends Vegas Event September 2016

It may sound like a Scooby Doo villain's line of thinking, but it makes a twisted sort of sense.

If a man spends years in the public eye speaking about the sex crimes perpetrated against him as a child, killing him would launch an investigation.

Perhaps someone noted that his behavior -- as is not unusual for people who survived horrific childhood trauma -- is a little odd and eccentric.

Someone who has been discredited or who is known for making outlandish claims represents less of a threat to a serial predator, right?

Corey Feldman Pic

We will have to wait and see waht Corey's documentary reveals. It may be that the alleged conspiracy is smaller than he thinks.

One needn't be Harvey Weinstein to hire a few people to menace a man with a "warning" stab or with trucks or with anything else.

A director or producer could spend just a few thousand dollars to keep Corey afraid and to keep him saying "weird" things.

Regardless, Corey has dedicated so much time and energy to revealing what happened to him. No one seriously doubts that he is a survivor.

And in recent years, the public is much more aware of how pervasive and aggressive sex monsters can be.

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