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For the record, Audrey Roloff knew this might happen.

The former Little People, Big World star has only given birth one time this far… but it happened two weeks after her predicted due date back in the fall of 2017.

And, clearly, precious daughter Ember was well worth the wait.

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So, yes, Audrey has known for awhile now that history isn’t exactly on her side when it comes to timely labor, and yet — come on now.

She’d just really like to welcome this second child!

The author and podcast host shared two new selfies yesterday (above and below) in order to mark her 40th week as a pregnant woman.

Yep. 40 weeks. That means, typically, based on science and medicine and all of that, she really should be done with this expecting state by now.

However, well… see for yourself:

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“Happy due date baby boy,” Roloff captioned the sweet photos. “You can come out now. #40weekspregnant.”

Audrey isn’t really complaining, of course. As millions of very pregnant woman can likely relate to, she’s rather uncomfortable these days and simply anxious to meet the tiny human growing inside of her womb.

But Roloff has also expressed extreme gratitude in the past for the journey she fortunate enough to be on.

"Finally snapped a few pics of the bump while baby boy is still cozy inside," the 28-year old wrote on Instagram to close out 2019, sharing the following picture on social media.

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She added at the time:

"Pregnancy is really just a remarkable experience. It’s such a gift to carry our baby on the inside and I can’t wait carry him on the outside soon."

The TLC alum has taken her followers along for the ride throughout her second pregnancy.

She and husband Jeremy announced over the summer that they were expecting a child once again, wasting little time in later confirming it was a boy.

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Audrey is clearly ready to give birth, but she’s also enjoying time right now with just her husband (who she REALLY loves!) and her daughter.

“I just have to say how thankful I am to be married to a man that makes me feel cherished, cared for, and confident, especially in these final days of pregnancy,” Audrey wrote via Instagram on Monday, January 6, alongside pregnancy photos of herself and Jeremy.

“He has gone above and beyond these last few weeks to help me feel more at peace in what can be a very anxious time for expecting mamas.

"So thank you babe.”

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How precious, right?

Cooncluded Audrey in this post:

I love you and it’s an honor to be your wife. I can’t wait to bring our son into this world together.

And we can’t wait to meet the little fella!