Tori Roloff Wants to Thank You (Yes, YOU!) for All That Support

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Tori Roloff has once again taken to Instagram in order to make something very clear:

She is just so gosh darn awesome!

Tori Roloff and Cuties

The Little People, Big World star has amassed well over one million social media followers largely because she is just so candid and real and raw and honest.

Need an example? Here you go.

Need another example? Consider the message below from this mother fo two.

"I just wanted to jump on here and tell y’all how much I love you guys," said Tori to open a lengthy caption that went along with the following incredible photo of daughter Lilah.

Gorgeous Lilah Roloff

What prompted Tori to make this sweet statement? She's happy to explain.

"There are days that social media can be a really dark and mean space but then there are other days (like today) where you all know how to make it positive," she continued.

"I get so many nice messages and comments every day and I just want you guys to know I read them.

"They encourage me to be better and I strive to bring light to the dark with this social media thing."

Tori Roloff and Her Daughter

Tori and husband Zach are parents to a son who turns three in May and a daughter who was born just before Thanksgiving.

She's kept readers apprised of all stages of parenthood, even the ones that involve tremendous amounts of poop.

And she's never stopped showing her gratitude to all the folks out there who have tuned in for her family's reality series over the years, while also supporting her Instagram account, leaving comments at all times to make Tori feel better during some of her lowest times.

It doesn't sound like this is one of those times, however. Thank goodness.

A Very Roloff Christmas

It sounds like Tori is simply feeling grateful.

"I really believe I’ve been given a gift with the amount of people I’m able to reach on a daily basis," she writes, continuing as follows:

"It’s still crazy to me that I have over a million followers and that people care at all about me and my family. I’m such a “normal” woman who was just kind of put in the spotlight by my family.

"I have done my best over the last ten years to be positive."

Tori and Two Kids

To conclude Roloff said she's so thanful that she's been able "o share my life authentically and truthfully [and] to be a role model to as many people as I can."

In closing?

I want to look back on all of this and be proud of what I’ve left behind on social media for myself and my kids. As long as this place brings me joy, I’ll be here. Thanks for following along!

No, Tori, thank YOU. Thank you for being you. Always.

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