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Tori Roloff has achieved a major milestone.

Being pregnant with her second child?

Nah, whatever. There are literally millions of people pregnant with their second child right now.

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(JUST KIDDING! We love Tori and her husband, Zach, and we are so so so so so so very happy for them right now.)

But the long-time Little People, Big World star accomplished something impressive of late aside from having her egg fertilized by Zach’s sperm:

She has garnered over one million Instagram followers!

That’s the sort of figure typically reserved for a singer… or an athlete… or a lingerie model… or a Kardashian/Jenner.

However, Tori has surpassed it by basically just being a very nice, very normal person with one adorable son.

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"One. Million. Followers," Roloff wrote to open her caption to the first photo shared above.

She continued:

"What in the world? You guys. This is honestly such an honor. It has been such a fun ride sharing just a little part of my life with all of you.

"The love and support I have felt from you guys on my journey has been overwhelming and wonderful."

Roloff had previously talked about her goal with social media, writing back in March of 2018 that she wanted to be a positive influence on this platform.

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"I am just a normal woman," Tori wrote back then, adding:

"There’s nothing extraordinary about me. I live my life the way i believe God wants me to and I just try to be a good person. I am so thankful I can share my story with my followers and I pray that my social media is a place to bring light into someone else’s life.

"That being said I see how social media can quickly become such a dark and scary place. I don’t want that here."

No? What does she want her followers to experience?

"I choose to laugh and be silly and not take things so seriously because I love life and I love having fun in life," she wrote as her message.

"I hope you all see that and maybe even practice that on your own social media outlets…

"My goal here is to continue to make people laugh and show everyone I’m just a normal girl who got thrown into extraordinary circumstances and you better believe I’m not going to waste a damn moment."

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This strategy appears to have worked.

Roloff has gained about 400,000 followers since posting the above words.

And she’s grateful for each and every last one of them.

"I feel like social media can sometimes be a scary place but I’ve tried to keep mine uplifting and fun and I hope you guys feel that," she wrote on Tuesday, concluding:

"Thanks for joining me on this ride and being a part of my story. Even though- lets be real- y’all are here for Jackson."

Compared to her first pregnancy, Tori also said she’s getting bigger over a shorter period of time:

"Also- belly why you gotta grow so fast the second time around?"

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Tori and Zach broke their huge baby news back on May 13, stating at the time:

"We are so excited to announce that Jackson is going to be a big brother! We can not wait to meet our sweet baby girl!" 

Yup, it’s gonna be a girl. And Tori is due in November.

We cannot wait to see the photos, and to see how many new followers Roloff gains once she has a pair of precious offspring to show off.