Tim Malcolm DESTROYS Jesse Meester: Without Darcey, You're Nothing!

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Well, Jesse Meester wouldn't be the first 90 Day Fiance star who supports Trump. But he might be the weirdest.

Jesse fell over himself fawning over Trump after getting a retweet, and now he's getting royally clowned on -- by Tim Malcolm.

Jesse Meester Models

Jesse Meester watched and livetweeted the Democratic Presidential debate this week. One of his tweets got more attention than the others.

"The debate showed one thing obvious," he declared. "The Democrats only hope to beat @realDonaldTrump is to impeach him."

"A chasm is growing within the Dems as policy divides the party," Jesse complained.

He argued that this happens "while #TrumpRallyMilwaukee tonight showed us the MAGA movement only continues to strengthen."

jesse meester retweeted by trump

Donald Trump, seeing the tweet, retweeted it, which filled Jesse with what can only be described as sycophantic glee.

"Thank you for the retweet, @realDonaldTrump!" Jesse gushed, one reality TV villain to another.

He praised: "America is the greatest country in the history world."

"I wasn’t born here," Jesse acknowledged, "but I came as quickly as I could. Anything is possible."

jesse meester tweets thank you trump

Obviously, Jesse's weird bootlicking tweet caught a lot of attention and everyone wanted a piece of him. But Tim Malcolm had the most to say.

"Hard for me to be 100% honest here," the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star began, "but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again....."

"Darcey = Jesse’s meal ticket," Tim wrote.

Addressing Jesse, he suggested: "You should thank @darceysilva instead of the POTUS."

Jesse Meester, Darcey Silva in White

Some may be surprised by Tim's perspective, but his home state of North Carolina is a purple state, and was only in the "red" in 2016 by a few points.

Tim noted that Jesse should appreciate Darcey "because without her your career would have never started."

"Also... show some respect for your own country," Tim suggested.

"Sure America is the best country ever...." he acknowledged, "but don’t forget where you came from."

Tim Malcolm Mirror Selfie

"Normally foreigners embrace the 'American' dream," Tim observed.

He added: "but their pride of their heritage stays with them no matter which country they decide to live in."

That's absolutely right. People showing pride at, say, Cuban heritage does not make them any less American.

"We are on the brink of war," Tim pointed out, getting serious about the looming fustercluck that Trump has created for no reason in Iran.

Tim Malcolm Selfie

Tim accused: "yet your biggest objective it to discuss with the POTUS who will win a future election or why a year from now?"

"Does this clown really think he is getting invited to the White House next," he asked, no longer addressing Jesse specifically.

Tim ended his post with a joke: "Maybe Trump’s new foreign policy adviser Mr. Meester."

You know, he's definitely kidding, but think about it: is Jesse any less qualified than any of Trump's real cabinet choices? The answer is "no."

tim malcolm IG excoriates jesse meester

Note that Tim lagely steered clear of hte political aspect of Jesse's obsequious tweets.

Mostly, he just wanted to put Jesse in his place by reminding him that the inherent star power of Darcey Silva is why anyone knows his name.

Jesse has something of an overly inflated ego.

Come to think of it, between that and reality TV villainy, we can understand why he and the orange menace were vibing on Twitter.

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