90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days: Trailer Teases Lies, Tears, and Darcey Silva!

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90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days is coming back!

TLC just dropped a teaser trailer for the entire season, promising a ton of drama.

(If you were one of the people a little bored by original recipe 90 Day Fiance Season 7, this should look like a beacon of hope)

We already know a fair amount about some of the new couples, but one returning couple is a dramatic guarantee: Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks.

Check out our summary with plenty of details below, and under that, the new trailer.

We're already feeling the hype!

1. Avery and Ash

Avery and Ash
Avery is 32 years old and comes from Seattle, Washington.

2. She already has a family

She already has a family
Avery is a single mother raising two children.

3. Ash is Australian

Ash is Australian
38-year-old Ash is an Australian relationship coach.

4. They met on Instagram

They met on Instagram
Or, as Avery puts it, she met her soul mate on Instagram.

5. Unfortunately ...

Unfortunately ...
Ash's job means that he is constantly texting with countless women who are in some way unhappy in their romances. When Avery expresses concerns, it doesn't look like Ash is too sympathetic. Only time will tell how big of a problem this is.

6. Ed and Rosemarie

Ed and Rosemarie
Ed is 54 and American. Rosemarie is 23 and from the Phillippines. Ed has opted out of dating for the past 28 years -- notably, longer than Rosemarie has been alive.

7. They're meeting in person for the first time

They're meeting in person for the first time
It looks as though they will have a number of obstacles to overcome during Ed's visit, including two major ones.

8. Ed has not been honest

Ed has not been honest
He admits on camera that he has not been honest with Rosemarie about his physical appearance. Being positive about a person's body is great, but being dishonest about your appearance during a real relationship is not.

9. It gets awkward

It gets awkward
Upon meeting, after their cheerful embrace, Ed puts Rosemarie on the spot, with cameras rolling, asking her iff she likes his appearance. There's a place and a time for that conversation, and it was before either of them appeared on camera. This feels like social pressure and blackmail.

10. That's not all

That's not all
Ed also admits on camera that he does not believe in love. That's fine, but ... does Rosemarie know that? She should.

11. Stephanie and Erika

Stephanie and Erika
Stephanie is a 29-year-old Instagram influencer from Yonkers, New York. It's a rare thing for a 90 Day Fiance star to be promiment on social media BEFORE they are cast on the show. Kind of refreshing, right?

12. Stephanie has some concerns

Stephanie has some concerns
One of which being that she has not yet told her family that she's dating a woman. Honestly, it is WELL past time for 90 Day Fiance to have a same-sex couple on the show, so we're rooting a little extra for Stephanie and Erika.

13. Here's Erika!

Here's Erika!
She's 24 years old and Australian, but we do not get to see her directly in this trailer. We know that she exists, at least, which is more than we can say for this next couple. The two met on social media and we're excited to see their story play out.

14. But ...

But ...
Stephanie's family (who appear to be first-generation immigrants, our guess being from Eastern Europe, but again we're just guessing based upon accents and food served) not only don't know that she's dating a woman, but also have unrelated concerns.

15. Stephanie has a bone marrow condition

Stephanie has a bone marrow condition
Her condition gives her a weakened immune system that makes travel dangerous. Just the airplane flight is a risk.

16. Stephanie is determined

Stephanie is determined
Does the fact that we don't see Erika in person in the trailer mean that Stephanie never makes it Down Under? Or does it just mean that TLC is teasing us? Again, we see Erika appear in a video chat, so we do know that she exists.

17. David and Lana

David and Lana
David is a 60-year-old man from Las Vegas, and he's madly in love with a 27-year-old Ukrainian woman named Lana. They have been chatting online for seven years without meeting.

18. Here's where it gets complicated

Here's where it gets complicated
Lana only appears in this still photograph in the trailer, but that's not the worst part. David has flown out to Ukraine THREE times already in the hopes of meeting her, and yet it still "somehow" didn't work out. This looks like a disaster and we can't wait to watch his fourth trip out.

19. Geoffrey and Varya

Geoffrey and Varya
41-year-old Geoffrey is from Knoxville, Tennessee. He's introduced chopping wood shirtless to prove that being the older guy doesn't mean that he's not hot. He is twice divorced and has had to cope with the death of his son, and is just now opening himself up to love again.

20. Varya is 30 and from Russia

Varya is 30 and from Russia
They may have an age gap, but these two are both at appropriate ages to be meeting and marrying ... assuming that Geoffrey can win over her family.

21. Look at how sweet they are

Look at how sweet they are
Some couples are pretty dubious from the start, but Varya seems genuinely hyped to meet Geoffrey.

22. They're very cute together

They're very cute together
It helps to be cute together if you're both, you know, cute. Yes, what they're doing here is insufferably touristy, but it's all part of the show.

23. However ...

However ...
Geoffrey accuses Varya of lying to him in a very heated moment, and we don't know what it's about. We've seen couples in this franchise harbor all sorts of secrets, from cheating to being secretly still married. We'll find out.

24. This hurts them both

This hurts them both
Geoffrey storms out while Varya weeps. Geoffrey laments that he's failing himself, which sounds like he's done some sort of self-help or therapy.

25. Lisa and Usman

Lisa and Usman
Lisa is 52 and comes from York, Pennsylvania.

26. Usman is from Nigeria

Usman is from Nigeria
Lisa says that she knows that the 30-year-old's love for her is the real deal because he wrote and put on a song for her. Usman is apparently famous, known as "SojaBoy."

27. Lisa is so excited

Lisa is so excited
Because this is Before The 90 Days, the plan is to bring Usman to the US eventually, but first the couple with the 22-year age gap must meet in person.

28. Things start off very well

Things start off very well
These two pack on some serious PDA right off the bat ... and on camera.

29. And then ... this

And then ... this
Usman says that Lisa "is 70% good," making countless 90 Day Fiance fans have flashbacks to Azan Tefou saying something similar about Nicole Nafziger. However, maybe the question was prompted by a producer? Even so, it's not a good answer.

30. And then there's this problem

And then there's this problem
Usman has a lot of groupies, and Lisa does not care for that one bit

31. Talking it out with Usman doesn't help

Talking it out with Usman doesn't help
He gets immediately defensive, telling her that he's not her husband yet. Either that means that she can't tell him what to do, or that he doesn't feel beholden to her feelings and will continue to embrace his "fans."

32. Last but not least ...

Last but not least ...
Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks are BACK!

33. Tom got hot!

Tom got hot!
Darcey may not feel comfortable kissing him right then and there, but plenty of viewers would be happy to.

34. Darcey ... is still Darcey

Darcey ... is still Darcey
She may not be the most infamous 90 Day Fiance star (even if she's Chrissy Teigen's favorite), but she's at least the most tenacious. She's been on this show with two different men, for multiple seasons EACH (as of this season). We don't know whether to hate her or admire her hustle.

35. Season 4 begins soon!

Season 4 begins soon!
2020 may still sound like a fake year to those of us born during the 20th Century, but Sunday, February 23 will be here before we know it!

36. Watch the trailer for yourself

We already know that this season is going to be bonkers. And we have a sneaking suspicion that we've only gotten a glimpse at the lies and the tears that these couples will bring.

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