Jenna Jameson: I'm Back on Keto and I Lost a TON of Weight!

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Coke vs. Pepsi. Red Sox vs. Yankees. Beatles vs. Stones.

History is full of great rivalries, but perhaps none has been quite so epic as the never-ending battle between Jenna Jameson and carbs.

Jenna Jameson Weight Gain

Back in May of last year, Jenna announced that she had gone keto and lost an astonishing 57 pounds.

For those who aren't up on the latest food fads, "keto" is short for ketogenic, a diet program that severely limits carb intake and replaces starches with large amounts of fat.

It's a rather counter-intuitive way to lose weight, but keto converts swear to its efficacy.

However, the most honest keto enthusiasts -- and Jenna is among them -- also admit that the diet is extremely difficult to stick with in the long term.

Jenna Jameson Is Skinny

Last month, Jenna fell off the keto wagon, and she revealed on Instagram that she promptly gained back a significant amount of weight.

At the time, there was some debate over the intention of her confession:

Was she praising keto as the magic bullet that had enabled her to lose such a significant amount of weight and keep it off?

Or was she condemning the diet as too strict and too difficult to stick with?

Jenna Jameson Has Lost Weight

Well, it looks like we now have our answer thanks to the photo above.

Jenna posted the pic as evidence that she's back on the keto train and already seeing results.

In a lengthy caption, the former adult film star confirmed that she's “back on track," and she's once again encouraging her followers to join her,

“Here’s my first #keto menu for my fellow people that are on this journey with me!” Jameson wrote.

Jenna Jameson Weight Loss Image

From there, Jenna outlines her diet on a typical day.

The good news is, she actually allows herself to eat quite a lot.

The bad news is, you're gonna have to forget about pasta, cereal, and sandwiches, as you prepare to consume enough animal products to give Joe Rogan the meat sweats.

For breakfast, Jameson eats two eggs with “hot sauce and arugula wrapped in Parmesan Folios cheese wraps.”

Jenna Jameson Before and After

From there, Jenna snacked down on a healthy lunch of zucchini noodles with “a touch of butter with salt and pepper,” and for dinner, a Korean beef bowl.

It's a pretty reasonable diet plan, but as most lapsed keto fans will tell you, it's hard to steer clear of carbs on a permanent basis.

But hey, for now at least, it appears to be working for Jenna.

We wish her all the best in her continued journey toward becoming the healthiest version of herself!

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