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For a while there, it looked as though Rob Kardashian had really managed to turn things around.

After a tumultuous few years that saw him alienating fans and returning to some very dangerous coping mechanisms, Rob appeared to have committed himself to getting healthy and rescuing his career.

Rob Kardashian, Blue Hat
Photo via E!

In early October, it was reported that Rob had barely left the house in two years.

By late October, Rob was sober, 20 pounds lighter, and hitting the gym on a daily basis.

Kard clan fans were quick to express their excitement at the idea of a Rob comeback.

Unfortunately, their hopes were dashed when Rob returned to his reclusive, self-destructive habits.

Rob Kardashian in a Car
Photo via E!

We’re not sure if the rest of the family staged an intervention, or if Rob simply recognized the need for change on his own, but Radar Online is now reporting that the 32-year-old has made the decision to enter a treatment facility with the goal of getting his weight in check.

But while Rob has been anticipating a lifestyle change for several months, that apparently didn’t make the process of leaving the comfort of his home for the rigors of a "health farm" any easier:

“He’s freaking out ahead of a New Year trip to a health farm,” an insider revealed.

“He knows this is the only option if he doesn’t want a lap band.”

Rob Kardashian Recalls His Sexual History
Photo via E!

Rob reportedly made the decision to seek treatment as part of a last-ditch effort to get back in shape.

Sources tell Radar that Rob did everything he could to keep the weight off, but all the trainers and nutritionists in the world couldn’t help him, as he found that his will power frequently wavered late at night.

“Try as he might there’s just not enough willpower to stick to a healthy routine and lose the weight naturally,” says one insider.

“Rob’s sick of being so chronically overweight, particularly in a house filled with health freaks, and he’s been putting this off forever but even he now accepts it’s time,” the source adds.

Rob with His Dream
Photo via Twitter

As you probably know, Rob has engaged in some truly horrendous behavior in recent years.

His decision to post nude photos of Blac Chyna as revenge for breaking up with him stands out as the moment at which many former fans gave up on Dream’s dad.

But many past supporters have returned to Rob’s corner amid reports that he retreated back inside after deciding that he would “rather die than be seen.”

We wish him all the best — and we hope that an improvement in Rob’s health will lead to better treatment of the people in his life.