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Last month, Dean Hashim seemed to blame Tim Malcolm after he and his brother were abruptly no longer appearing on Pillow Talk.

Now, this once-intense 90 Day Fiance feud seems to run its course. Tim and Dean’s current messages are actually really wholesome.

Dean Hashim on 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk
Photo via TLC

"2020 means new beginnings no bs," 90 Day Fiance fan favorite Dean Hashim is affirming on social media.

In a new message, he is explaining that he doesn’t want to continue his back-and-forth, positive or negative, with Tim Malcolm.

"Tim, I took my response video down," he writes.

Dean explains that he did so "because no matter what anyone says, my apology was real."

Tim Malcolm Mirror Selfie
Photo via Instagram

"The only reason I made the response vid is because I felt like I needed to," Dean reasons.

He acknowledges: "I f–ked up by joking on you and that’s it!"

"Anyway, be blessed in 2020, bruh," Dean expresses.

His wholesome message concludes: "New Year = New Beginnings."

"For the record.. I forgive you @deanhashim90 …." Tim Malcolm begins his own well-measured response.

He writes: "I believe in an old saying that my favorite boss I ever had taught me. ‘Fix it and move on.’"

In other words, Tim doesn’t wish to dwell upon hurtful things said about him by Dean and others.

That is especially easy now that Dean is laid the groundwork.

Tim Malcolm Selfie
Photo via Instagram

"Life is too short to spend it angry or resentful," Tim correctly states.

He suggests: "If you want to clean your soul for 2020… forgive someone and move on."

"We are all so comfortable to say mean things to each other on social media," Tim correctly observes.

Sadly, even among fellow 90 Day Fiance stars, he knows that better than most.

Tim Malcolm and Jeniffer Tarazona in Face Masks
Photo via Instagram

"Do you want to show how tough you really are ?" Tim asks his fans and followers.

He instructs: "Forgive your enemies publicly and tag it #Forgivefor2020 …"

Tim assures readers: "You will feel better I promise you!"

Forgiveness isn’t for everyone, of course, but it’s a fine way to resolve a social media dispute between reality stars.

"Don’t drag negativity into a new year," Tim’s message to his followers concluded.

That wasn’t the end of their exchange, however.

Dean went on to refer to Tim affectionately as his "homeboy."

In fact, speaking to Tim’s detractors, Dean cautioned them that “anyone mess with him, they gotta mess with me."

Tim and Jeniffer
Photo via TLC

So what was all of the fuss about to begin with?

First and foremost, a lot of people liked to spread rumors about Tim.

People suggested that he must be gay or even trans because he turned down sex with Jeniffer (when offered on camera) and takes care of his skin.

A lot of folks have a pretty one-dimensional view of the LGBTQ+ community, but this was more about toxic masculinity than anything else.

Tim with Jeniffer's Baby
Photo via TLC

Dean and Tarik cracked similar jokes on Pillow Talk, which Tim accepted because it was literally their job to do so.

Tim was unhappy when some of those jokes spilled over into interviews, which he deemed excessive. He was right.

However, when Dean strongly implied that he had been fired from Pillow Talk, a lot of fans immediately blamed Tim for somehow making it happen.

In reality, Dean has not exposed exactly why it happened, but did allude to what he felt was a betrayal by someone he considered like family.

Dean is a fan-favorite, so we hope that fans who have been parroting homophobic and transphobic jokes about a straight, cisgender man listen and cut it out.