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On her Intimate Knowledge podcast, Meghan King Edmonds accused her ex-husband of now dating their former threesome partner.

But now Jim Edmonds is firing back, calling it a lie — and claiming that Meghan was the one who was eager to take other women to bed.

Meghan King Edmonds and Husband

Meghan King Edmonds accused her former friend of betraying her with her ex-husband.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Jim is claiming that Meghan’s version of events is all topsy-turvy … and made up for attention.

"I’m tired of the lies for publicity," Jim begins, noting that he filed for divorce months ago.

"Meghan has filed as well," he notes. "The marriage is and has been over."

Jim Edmonds Selfie

So what’s all of this about him dating a former threesome partner?

"I was invited to a surprise birthday party this weekend for one of my best friends and decided to bring a date," Jim explains.

"There is no affair going on here," he emphasizes. "It has been a plus one for the weekend."

Since he and Meghan are no longer married, he doesn’t see the big deal … even though he admits that Meghan knows the woman he’s with.

Jim Edmonds and Meghan King Edmonds

"The woman I am in Cabo with is not her friend," Jim alleges, arguing: "They have not spoken in over three tears."

If they knew each other three years ago, though, one can understand why she would see this as a betrayal.

"As far as threesomes go, there were a more than few initiated by Meghan and only Meghan," he announces.

“Recently," Jim claims, "I have learned that she carried on with a few of these women without me being present."

Meghan King Edmonds and Jim

Jim is claiming that not only was Meghan the one who demanded another woman in the bedroom, but that she sometimes had affaris with women.

"Would that not being considered cheating?" he insinuates.

"How can she have a podcast talking about intimacy and relationships when she has neither?" Jim asks.

Well that’s just rude, dude.

Meghan King Edmonds Selfie Alert

Jim’s statements are of course in retaliation to what Meghan alleged.

"We had just gotten married and I knew that Jim had this bad boy kind of past," Meghan recalled.

"So, we decided to have a threesome — a consensual adult decision — with a friend of mine," she shared.

"We were newlyweds and trying to have fun and he wanted to have a threesome," Meghan explained as if it needed explaining.

Meghan King Edmonds on the Couch

"It just felt like, ‘OK, if I’m going to do this, this can be with who and I’m comfortable with that," Meghan narrated.

She did make sure to emphasize that it was a “one-time thing."

"When he goes to Cabo for a birthday party, from my understanding, he takes this girl with him. This threesome girl,” Meghan accused.

She described his date as “This girl who I thought was my friend."

Meghan King Edmonds Selfie

"I cast aside my uncomfortability with a threesome," Meghan claimed.

She added: "everything I had in my head about a threesome being weird and gross."

Meghan said that she did so "because I was fun and wanted to do things for my husband."

Speaking of Jim and the alleged former threesome partner, she suggested: "I think they’ve probably had sex more than the one time."

Meghan King Edmonds on Instagram

So, Meghan and Jim are both claiming that the other had affairs during their marriage … very specifically with women whom they had invited into the bedroom.

We all know that plenty of couples, married and otherwise, have threesomes without all of this messy drama. Just look at Braunwyn.

Clearly, in the Edmonds household, that was not possible.

Whether or not there were affairs, this bitter breakup has them both lobbing accusations and retaliating. It’s a vicious, painful process for them both.

Tamra Braunwyn Kiss 16

Jim’s accusation carries another element, however, implying that Meghan is bisexual.

Certainly, some RHOC viewers who got the impression that Meghan wanted in on Braunwyn and Tamra’s makeout may see this as "confirmation."

But Meghan has not caputulated to the one-on-one affairs with women that Jim has alleged.

And even if she did, she is still in charge of what sexuality labels, if any, she might use for herself.