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We poke a lot of fun at the Duggars and the frequency of their bizarre scandals.

But the fact is, there’s nothing funny about some of the crimes that the family has been tied to over the years.

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And the most troubling of all is the Duggars’ link to multiple cases of child molestation.

First came the revelation that Josh Duggar had sexually assaulted five young girls and was aided by his parents in covering up his crimes.

Not long after the dust settled and the family had managed — against all odds — to repair its media empire, another child abuse scandal reared its ugly head.

And this one involved arguably the most beloved and wholesome member of the Counting On clan:

Jana Duggar on Counting On: A Photo

Back in 2017 Jana Duggar was courted by Caleb Williams, a longtime friend of her family’s.

(Yes, despite rumors to the contrary, Jana has been involved in several chaste courtships.)

Williams had known the Duggars for several years, and it was widely believed that the match was strongly encouraged by Jim Bob, who felt he had thoroughly vetted the man himself.

The courtship ended abruptly, however, and not long after — in December of 2018 — Williams was arrested for sexual assault, having allegedly raped a teenager whose care he had been entrusted with.

Caleb Williams With Jim Bob Duggar

As his trial went on, more nauseating allegations against Williams occurred, including one that impregnated his rape victim.

Williams denied the charges and argued for his innocence, but his pleas for compassion fell on deaf ears.

This week, Williams was sentenced to prison, but because of the "he said, she said" nature of the case against him, he’ll get off with a slap on the wrist.

According to court documents obtained by UK newspaper The Sun, Williams has been sentenced to 62 days in jail.

Caleb Williams With Mason Duggar

As if that sentence weren’t light enough, he’ll be permitted to return home each night as part of a work release program.

Williams “shall report to Logan County Jail 1 hour prior to work shift ends and be released from the Logan County Jail each work day 1 hour prior to shift beginning,” reads the sentence handed down by a judge this week.

The family of Williams’ victim is said to be outraged.

The Duggars, meanwhile, are probably just happy to have escaped another scandal virtually unscathed.

It’s a feeling they must be very accustomed to by now.