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Audrey Roloff has not yet given birth to her second child yet.

Let’s just get that out of the way up front.

Auds with Jer
Photo via Instagram

Because the former Little People, Big World had been off social media for a few days, many followers thought that maybe she and husband Jeremy had welcomed their son at some point over the weekend.

Audrey is due any day now, after all.

However, the author and podcast host has instead shared a new photo collection and a new message on Instagram, both of which make two things clear:

  1. She is still pregnant.
  2. She really, REALLY loves her husband.

Like, a lot, you guys.

Photo via Instagram

"I just have to say how thankful I am to be married to a man that makes me feel cherished, cared for, and confident, especially in these final days of pregnancy," wrote Audrey to open an emotional caption, continuing as follows:

"He has gone above and beyond these last few weeks to help me feel more at peace in what can be a very anxious time for expecting mamas. So thank you babe."

How very sweet, right?

Audrey posted these snapshots not long after also posting a bunch of new (and gorgeous!) maternity photos.

Bumpin in a Winter Wonderland
Photo via Instagram

Jeremy and Audrey are parents to a two-year old daughter named Ember and announced this past July that they were expecting Ember’s sibling, later confirming it would be a boy.

It has seemed, thus far, to be a relatively event-free pregnancy for Audrey, who hasn’t complained very much online about any nausea or any side effects from growing a human being inside of her body.

But we’re sure it hasn’t been easy journey for her.

It almost never is for a pregnant woman, especially when she has a toddler at home.

Cheers, Everyone!
Photo via Instagram

This is likely why Audrey feels so grateful for Jeremy at the moment.

She concluded her most recent post like this:

For all that you have done around the house lately so I can rest my body, for the work you’ve picked up so I can rest my mind, for appeasing my sudden urges to edit/clean/organize, and for chasing Ember around the house, building forts, and having dance parties…

I love you and it’s an honor to be your wife.

I can’t wait to bring our son into this world together.

Smooches for Ember
Photo via Instagram

It’s been a busy time for the Roloffs.

Just a few months ago, Amy got engaged to Chris Marek.

And just about a month ago, Tori gave birth to her own second child, a girl named Lilah.

When will Audrey and Jeremy officially have their own huge piece of news to share? Soon, we’re guessing.

And we’ll be right here to bring it to all of our loyal readers!