Evelin Villegas Threatens Return to 90 Day Fiance: Corey Rathgeber is MINE!

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Last year, Evelin Villegas insisted that Corey wasn't dating anyone else even though he was spending a conspicuous amount of time in the US.

Now, Evelin is taunting haters, saying that Corey's there with her -- and she's even threatening a return to your TV!

Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas May Be Back Together

For ages, Evelin's claims that she and Corey Rathgeber are still an item were met with scoffs and doubts from followers.

In fact, over the past month or so, she's been most visible to fans while waging war against Laura Jallali. (Long story)

On Tuesday, January 7, Evelin erased all doubts from the minds of any and all fans.

She went Live on Instagram, and just take a look at her special guest star.

Evelin Villegas and Corey Rathgeber IG Live 7 January 2020

(Shoutout to 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates for capturing this still -- always tricky, especially with Instagram Live)

That, folks, is Corey Rathgeber, reunited with Evelin in Engabao, Ecuador.

It's so funny -- just days ago, a friend had DMed me to ask on her mom's behalf if Evelin and Corey have broken up.

The question was on everyone's mind. I told her "no" at the time, but now there's a photo for evidence.

Evelin at the Beach

To be clear, it appears that their reunion took place in December, though fans were uncertain.

Evelin shared a couple of glimpses of her and Corey together -- in a couple of photos and also in a brief video.

However, given that they had been a couple for years, fans were unsure about what she was showing them.

Could they be throwbacks, with captions intended to show Corey how much she missed him? Apparently, they were more recent than that.

Evelin and Corey

Viewers took an instant dislike to Evelin over the way that she seemed to treat Corey.

Cultural differences and editing may have both been major factors, but fans concluded that she took him for granted, or may have been using him.

Things grew worse at the Tell All when Corey was shown never-before-seen footage of Evelin and her ex.

Corey was extremely distressed, and even briefly unfollowed Evelin just days after the Tell All was taped. Eventually, they did reconnect.

Evelin Villegas

We mentioned that Evelin was threatening to return to television.

When asked about her mairtal status with Corey, Evelin has not been especially forthcoming.

It is believed that Evelin may still be under contract with 90 Day Fiance, though there is not yet any hard proof of that.

In fact, late last year, she responded to a fan question by telling them to "stay tuned." Just an expression, or will she be back on our screens soon?

Corey and Evelin in San Francisco

We also alluded to Evelin's recent war with Laura Jallali.

Laura, as you may recall, parted ways with Aladin around the time of the Tell All special.

It was an ugly breakup, full of rumors and accusations in both directions.

Evelin generously opened her home to Laura, who had no place to go because she could not return to her former home in Florida.

Corey and Evelin

Laura, a Canadian citizen who had lived for decades in the US, stayed wih Evelin in Engabao for a time.

She enjoyed the low cost of living, particularly after having spent so much money allegedly paying rent for Aladin's apartment.

But things soured between the two, and Laura bombarded social media with allegations and insults about Evelin.

She said a lot of cruel things about Evelin, the woman who gave her a place to stay when no one else could or would. It was a nasty business.

Perhaps, if Evelin does return to 90 Day Fiance, viewers will finally get to see another side to her. Or ... maybe not.

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