Robyn Brown: Is the Sister Wives Star PREGNANT?!

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Sister Wives fans are abuzz with the rumors that Kody Brown is seeking a fifth wife, but that may not be the only addition to the family.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Robyn appears to have taken that time to drop a major hint to fans ... that she's pregnant.

Robyn Brown Tells All

As you can see in the image below, no, this isn't about a baby bump (or just being stuffed to the gills on Thanksgiving). This is a little more nuanced.

The photo, which for some reason looks like it was taken on a Motorola Razr in 2006, has Kody front and center.

We also see Robyn, Meri, Christine, and Janelle Brown. It's nice to see families together on Thanksgiving.

But as you examine the image, does one key detail jump out at you?

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives, Thanksgiving 2019

(Again, the quality of the image is not our doing, the pic was uploaded this way for reasons that we cannot fathom)

The photo includes a shot at everyone's feet, which means that fans are treated to an array of very colorful socks.

Meri herself added a caption to the photo to acknowledge that, had she realized that her feet would be in the pic, she might have worn shoes.

This is where Robyn stands out among the sister wives, because her feet are bare.

Kody and All the Wives

Robyn going barefoot raised some serious questions among fans. 

It was in the 30s in Flagstaff, Arizona. Even with the heat on and the intense warmth of a well-used kitchen, most people would opt for slippers.

"Robin barefoot in flagstaff? Were you freezing?" one commenter exclaimed in the comments.

Others think that Robyn was deliberately standing out in comparison to Kody's other wives for one reason.

Sister Wives Unite

Is Robyn deliberately dropping a major hint?

"Barefoot and pregnant" isn't just a phrase existing in outmoded sexism -- swollen feet may make shoes and even socks feel too constricting.

A number of fans immediately began talking about whether Robyn might be pregnant and hoping for fans to catch on, too.

But ... even if that is 100% Robyn's intention, that doesn't actually mean that there's anything in her oven than the lingering smell of turkey.

Hashtag Sister Wives

Sister Wives is returning in January. And, in case time is flying past you, that's only several weeks away.

The Browns may be wealthy compared to most families, owning and renting multiple large properties with ambitions beyond that.

But even in a family of five adults, they have a lot of expenses and a lot of children to support, particularly with all of the moving that they do.

We don't doubt that Robyn wants good ratings next season to keep that TV income coming. Why not stir up some additional curiosity in the process?

Kody Brown, 2 Wives

However, at the same time, we have to ask if countless fans are just reading a little too much into this.

Some people get hot more easily than others. Kitchens can become suffocatingly warm around Thanksgiving, for obvious reasons.

Not everyone enjoys wearing socks around the house (they feel like straightjackets on your feet)

No matter how cold it was outside in Flagstaff, maybe Robyn wanted to let her feet breathe.

Meri Brown and Christine Brown

Even if it's just a coincidence that Robyn's bare feet are out, there's no denying the fan interest that this photo has sparked.

Fans may not particularly care for Kody (for plenty of reasons), but the sister wives themselves are beloved (also with good reason).

Robyn is only 41 years old. She's a little on the "old" side when it comes to having kids, but certainly not too old.

Only time will tell if the Browns iwll have a special announcement for fans soon, or if this is just a (turkey) nothingburger to build up fan hype.

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