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At some point this week, Miley Cyrus will finalize her divorce from Liam Hemsworth.

Insiders close to the situation have confirmed that an agreement has been hammered out, and all that’s left is for both parties to sign the necessary paperwork.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth at 2019 Gala

It was a much shorter arbitration period than most celebrity divorces, but then again, Miley and Liam’s marriage was a brief one.

So perhaps it makes sense that Miley’s rebound flings have also been short-lived affairs.

Very soon after her split from Liam — like, the couple hadn’t even announced they were separated yet — Miley began dating Kaitlynn Carter.

Unfortunately, it seems Brody Jenner’s ex got a little clingy/fame-hungry, and Miley was forced to cut her loose.

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But fear not, it wasn’t long before Miley rebounded once again, this time with Australian pop singer Cody Simpson.

At first, it seemed Miley and Cody were destined for the same fate as Miley and Kaitlynn.

And indeed, just a few weeks after the start of their relationship, several outlets reported that Cyrus and Simpson had broken up.

But if, for some reason, you were devastated by news of Miley’s third breakup in as many months, fear not — it seems Miley and Cody are still going strong.

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Cyrus posted the above selfie over the holiday weekend, along with a caption reading:

“Start dating your best friend Asap.”

Good advice. But it seems the post left fans with a whole lot of questions, and thus far, Miley has declined to offer any sort of answer.

Were the breakup rumors bogus to begin with?

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Did Miley and Cody reconcile following a brief separation?

We may never know for sure, but these days, it looks as though their romance as passionate as ever.

Yes, as you may have heard, Miley is very big on PDA these days.

It was reported that she and Kaitlynn were spotted "basically having sex" in the booths and bathrooms of Soho House on more than one occasion.

Photo via Instagram

And she and Simpson certainly haven’t been shy when it comes to flaunting their lust for one another.

Many have interpreted the frequent displays as efforts to make Liam jealous, but we think it’s just Miley being Miley.

She tends to be very into whoever she’s dating, until — just as suddenly — she’s not.

So enjoy the ride, Cody!

Ya never know when Miley might slam on the brakes.