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90 Day Fiance is a franchise built upon drama, from wedding dress thievery to cheating scandals to extremely serious accusations.

But one stunning moment rises above all of the rest in terms of shocking not just stars, but producers and the higher ups at TLC.

Sumit and Jenny Together

Alon Orstein is the senior vice president of production and development at TLC.

He’s seen a lot of dramatic twists and turns for 90 Day Fiance stars and couples, including fights, cheating scandals, and harrowing arrests.

A clear runner-up, in Orstein’s mind, was the machete attack in Brazil with the always dramatic Karine and Paul.

But one shocking twist stood out above all of the others: the revelation that Sumit was already married.

Sumit - I'm married

"I will say for us, and maybe because it’s just still fresh in mind," Orstein explains in E! News‘ report.

He admits: "But when we found out that Sumit was married, that really caught us off guard."

"And I remember vividly where I was in the office when I heard about it and talking about it on the phone with our production partners, Sharp," Orstein notes.

He understates: "It was definitely a moment."

Jenny Shares Heartbreak About Sumit

"So, we quickly scrambled a crew and got them out there," Orstein says, wanting to capture the aftermath of the revelation.

He explains that they rushed to film "because we thought it was a very relevant and important part of the story to tell."

Orstein noted that they would only do so "provided everyone was still OK participating and telling that story."

"And that definitely was probably one of the most shocking moments, at least in recent memory on the franchise," he assesses.

Sumit on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

Of course, the cameras did not actually capture the moment when Sumit told Jenny about his wife, just the couple’s recollections of the big reveal.

"That’s probably one of our biggest regrets," Orstein confesses.

"But it’s possible it may have played out differently if cameras were there too," he acknowledges.

Orstein correctly opines: "I think what the crew was able to capture on the heels of that was very compelling."

Jenny on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

Reality television is no stranger to events in which major, unplanned life events happen with no cameras around.

"It happens on a lot of shows," Orstein says, "not just 90 Day."

‘When we come in right on the heels of something," he says, "we do our best to make sure that we tell the story in a compelling way."

"that still gets viewers insights into what happened and what they might’ve missed," Orstein adds.

The Other Way tell all 12 Sumit doesn't want to lose Laura

The weirdest thing about Sumit and Jenny’s romance wasn’t that it started off with catfishing.

It wasn’t the age gap. It wasn’t even the fact that Sumit was in a loveless marriage.

It was that Sumit and Jenny kept at it even after that revelation.

The final shocker was Sumit’s explanation that he did 90 Day Fiance as a way to show his entire family how much he wanted to be with Jenny.

A lot of fans did not respond well to the revelation, beyond the usual name-calling (some of which was even directed at Jenny).

Some accused her of knowing all along. Others declared that the bombshell moment was fakery from TLC and producers.

We think that if TLC had been plotting to "fake" that part of their story, they would have had cameras there to capture it all.

Now it’s confirmed — TLC was just as stunned as the rest of us.