Miley Cyrus Risks Catastrophic Nip-Slip on Saturday Night Live

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Miley Cyrus was Saturday Night Live's musical guest.

But it was not her voice or song selection that turned heads.

No -- Twitter made it very clear that her eye-catching wardrobe choice was driving viewers to distraction.

She wore a very shiny jacket ... and nothing underneath. No shirt and no bra.

Miley did not have a nip slip, thanks to some very praise-worthy wardrobe choices.

But audiences weren't so confident of that, and they kept their eyes glued in awe and nervousness during Miley's performance.

Take a look:

1. First, here was her look

First, here was her look
She looks great as she performs beside Mark Ronson. But was she courting disaster?

2. Viewers were amazed

Viewers were amazed
Anyone else old enough to be having flashbacks to Jennifer Lopez's infamous dress? If you're ready to feel ancient, know that J Lo's dress was at the Grammy Awards in 2000.

3. It was distracting

It was distracting
Distracting, in this case, refers to the tension as the audience wondered if her boob was going to pop out on live television.

4. Others vowed to remain focused

Others vowed to remain focused
Even the people concentrating on her voice had to acknowledge that she pulled off one hell of a look.

5. People watched in wonder

People watched in wonder
We should point out that, if your nipples are capable of grasping and clinging to fabric, you may want to talk to a doctor.

6. Of course, how she did it is no real mystery

Of course, how she did it is no real mystery
Ever since the J Lo incident -- which was nearly 19 years ago -- people have known that double-sided tape is usually the trick.

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