Meghan King Edmonds Just Got Destroyed by Her Stepdaughter

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When it comes to Meghan King Edmonds and how this former Real Housewife's stepdaughter feels about it's more akin to this:

NO. NO. Just... NO.

Meghan Edmonds on Christmas

Clearly not impacted by any holiday spirits last week, Hayley Edmonds -- the 22-year old daughter of Meghan's estranged husband, Jim -- share a photo on Instagram that depictued all of her siblings...

... including younger sisters Ashton, three, and one-year-old twin brothers Hart and Hayes.

It seemed fairly harmless at the time, but then trouble started when one follower commented, “I miss Meghan on this beautiful photo.”

And then another chimed in as follows:

“Me too I feel so bad for her. She has to see these videos and the house she dream (sic) up and now it’s rubbed in her face. I like Jim too. I just feel so bad for her."

Meghan King Edmonds with Her Peeps

Hayley, however, did not feel any sort of sympathy toward the Bravo personality who married her dad five years ago.

"Actually just so you know my dad designed, decorated and ‘dreamed up’ this house all by himself,” she wrote in response to these remarks, adding:

"It was his dream to be able to have all his kids here and thankfully we are all welcome now. And the house is his own dream come true that he worked his ass for.

"Unfortunately, the life is different than what he imagined but we are all happy healthy and enjoyed the heck out of his house and spending quality time together."

Meghan Edmonds and Jim Edmonds Together

Pretty hard to miss the bitterness there, wouldn't you sau?

Thankfully we are all welcome now? That's obviously a direct shot at Meghan.

The ex-reality star split from Jim in late October after the couple got into a heated exchange that allegedly started because Meghan accused Jim of sleeping with their family's nanny.

After the former Major League Baseball player angrily defended himself and denied these claims in public, Meghan came out and admitted he likely did NOT bang the nanny.

Jim and Meghan Edmonds Throwback

And yet... she also detailed how broken she felt inside by Jim's strange relatioonship with this young woman and by the end of their marriage.

"I’m disgusted by what has surfaced in the media," Meghan wrote about two months ago, likely referencing Hayley when she added:

"I love my husband and I’m devastated that our marriage is being broken up in the ugliest and messiest way. I am sad that members of Jim’s family are reveling in our demise.

"And I am saddest for the children."

Meghan King Edmonds Selfie

Since this time, Meghan and Jim have agreed to a 50/50 custody split.

Sources have said that Meghan isn't thrilled with the arrangement, but she posted a number of photos last week of her and her kids celebrating their first post-divorce Christmas together.

"Christmas morning: full of joy and laughter (…and also oversleeping because your toddler was in your bed so you couldn’t check your alarm volume and turns out it was at ZERO and you didn’t find out till 7:26am…,” the now-single mom wrote as a caption.

Continuing her holiday disaster story, Meghan told her nearly one million followers about her nightmare morning.

Jim and Meghan

When your twin boys are screaming and the alarm ***silently*** has been going off since 6am… but you’ve been helping Santa with duties/aka installing — literally — a new play room, and didn’t get to sleep till 2am;

Stressing out your kids don’t see the “big gift” right away.

Putting your premade casseroles in the oven 1.5 hours late then forgetting you have to cook a special syrup even though you still haven’t brushed your teeth/hair but your entire family is over — each looking like a snack bc they prepared properly — and hungrily awaiting their promised breakfast.

All whist 3 terrorists parasitically demand their milk with full diapers awaiting my changing.)

Christmas, such a magical holiday. Btw I think many moms can relate, right? If so, please share your experiences with me. I could use some solidarity

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