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This summer, Beth Chapman passed away. Duane Chapman continues to mourn his wife.

In the mean time, one person close to him is allegedly trying to rob the grieving family, even attempting to snatch Beth’s ashes.

Little Lyssa Chapman

Beth Chapman’s estranged stepdaughter is taking aim at a former Dog The Bounty Hunter castmate of taking advantage of her family and worse.

"[Justin Bihag] has stolen from my family," Lyssa has accused on Twitter.

"He’s a drug addict, a liar, a loser piece of shot," she continues, sparing us the need to censor her words.

Lyssa writes that Justin is allegedly someone "who continues to harass me and my family."

Lyssa is ona  warpath against Justin, whom fans may recall was referred to as Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman’s "nephew."

He was never actually of any family relation, but was part of the show.

Lyssa accuses Justin of harassing her on social media and on her phone, at one point doxxing him and encouraging her fans to call him.

Worse, Lyssa says that Justin has been trying to take advantage of Duane as he grieves and mourns.

"[Justin Bihag] had been harassing me for months," Lyssa alleges.

"He’s a punk ass b–ch who’s using my dads vulnerability against him," she declares.

"[He] has tried to rob my family [TOO] MANY TIMES," Lyssa claims.

She then announces: "ALLYEE ALLYEE OX AND FREE YOU LITTLE B–ch."

Beth Chapman and Duane Chapman for Dog's Most Wanted

"[Justin] TRIED TO STEAL [Beth’s] ASHES FROM OUR FAMILY HOME," Lyssa alleges in a now-deleted tweet.

She claims that he wanted to acquire them "AND SELL THEM ON EBAY. WHAT YALL THINK ABOUT THAT ?!"

"They tried to seal many items from our home including [Beth’s] ashes," Lyssa repeated in another tweet.

She concluded: "Amongst many other things I HATE THEM FOR."

Lyssa retweeted information about Justin’s alleged criminal record.

When asked why she was saying these things, she wrote: "Because I want him exposed."

But naming a bunch of allegations online can be a double-edged sword.

What does Justin have to say about Lyssa’s claims?

Duane and  Beth

"So, ‘I guess’ it’s ok nowadays ,to get white girl wasted, give out someone’s number, spread drunk babbles that aren’t even true," Justin begins.

He continues: "when I’m next to your father right now [Baby Lyssa] working hard as usual, and im sure this was just a bad nite!"

"We all have them! Aloha!" Justin admits. "No, and no, read, White Girl Wasted, I wouldn’t be by your dad if it was even close to true!" 

"I’ve had bad nights, this u know!" he adds. "More lately for everyone so, and look at HISTORY, I’ve always came back when needed to!"

Beth Chapman Remembered

It looks like part of Justin’s message is throwing shade at Lyssa for not having spent time with Beth when she was dying of cancer.

Lyssa has some serious issues with Beth dating back to her childhood, and was publicly shamed on social media for staying away.

Justin is clearly hoping to leverage the fact that he was close to Beth and remains close to Duane to give himself more credibility.

We cannot be the arbiters of who is right or who is being better to Beth’s memory, here. But this sure is a mess.