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Contrary the popular Internet belief, two things appear to be true about Cody Simpson:

1. He’s still dating Miley Cyrus.

2. He never cheated on Miley Cyrus.

The artist has even issued a new statement in regard to the second point listed above, following rumors and innuendo online that he absolutely DID step out on the racy pop star.

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Simpson and Cyrus confirmed their X-rated romance about two months ago, sharing multiple photos of each other on their respective social media accounts.

And these weren’t just ordinary photos, either.

The stars apparently were dedicated to making sure no one confused their relationship for anything platonic, posting snapshots of one another in scantily clad outfits on occasion (see below)…

… and of Miley sticking her hand down Cody’s pants on another occasion.

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All has seemingly remained hot and steamy between the musicians, until cheating speculation started to run rampant last week after the young singer was spotted out and about in New York City.

An insider told E! News that he/she spotted Simpson "dancing behind the DJ booth at Little Sister with a group of girls," during which time on of the women in his group "kissed him on the lips."

Yikes, right?!?

That wouldn’t bode well for a future with Miley, would it?

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This same source added Cody "was texting Miley, but his friend kept trying to grab the phone for him to stop."

Eventually, according to this story, Cody and the group left the aforementioned club and the women were said to have followed them to another bar.

Did any of this actually happen?

It depends on whom  you ask, we suppose.

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In a statement to E! News, however, Cody’s agent now says "there is absolutely no truth to this story," adding of the incident in question:

"Cody went out with a friend and all the rest is fabricated. Period."

What about reports that Cody was also seen walking around the Big Apple just this past weekend Playboy magazine’s December 2019 Playmate Jordy Murray?

Cody’s sister, Alli, tells the Daily Mail that this was as innocent as it gets and that, stating that Jordy is simply dating one of Cody’s best friends and that there’s nothing shady going  on here at all.

"Yes [they’re] together for sure," she added of Cody and Miley.

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Elsewhere, Miley is all about self-care as she heads into the New Year.

On her Instagram Story, the 27-year-old didn’t say anything about her relationship in her latest post, writing instead:

"I think it’s super important for everyone to truly enjoy themselves this holiday season.

"Take time off, relax, enjoy warm meals, indulge in the sweet treats we usually try to stay away from but alsooooo KEEP MOVING…

"Movement is an important ingredient to self love/care."