Teresa Giudice to Caroline Manzo: Now That Joe Is Gone, We Can Be Friends Again!

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Last year, Joe Giudice celebrated Christmas behind bars.

This year, he'll be ringing in the holiday in the small of  Sala Consilina in southern Italy.

Joe Giudice Interview Pic

Obviously, that's a massive upgrade, but it's the ideal situation for Joe.

As you're probably aware, the former Real Housewives of New Jersey star was forced to relocate to the country of his birth following his release from prison.

Giudice was deported, as he never bothered to become an American citizen, but because he's white, that wasn't an issue until he got convicted of a felony.

That's a bummer, because Joe has four daughters, who will remain on this side of the pond with their mother, Teresa Giudice.

Joe Giudice and Family

And how does their feel about her husband's deportation.

Well, considering Teresa is already dating a new guy, we'd say she's probably pretty okay with it.

Yes, after decades of being shckled to Juicy Joe, Teresa is making the most of her unexpected freedom.

In addition to launching a new relationship it looks as though the troubled reality star has decided to rekindle some old friendships:

Over the weekend, a fan showed a video that appears to show the former friends collaborating on a project together.

This comes as quite a surprise as Caroline recently stated that she and Teresa were not on speaking terms for a period of five to six years.

"Caroline and Teresa are finally face to face & in the same room after years in L.A.," the video was captioned.

No information about the nature of their collaboration was revealed.

Caroline Manzo on a Mic

As recently as October, Teresa was still blaming Caroline for the legal entanglements that landed both her and her husband in prison.

“It’s just so sad, I guess, because she’s lived that crooked life,” Teresa said.

“I’ve never lived that crooked life and I guess she has and who she comes from, and where she came from. … How could she predict that [we were headed for legal trouble]?" Giduice ranted.

"Could she have anything to do with what happened to Joe and I? Is she a rat?

Teresa Giudice on Good Morning America

"By her saying that, why did she say that? Why? Those words would never come out of my life regarding anybody. Maybe [she called the feds on us]. You never know. Why would she predict those words?”

Manzo laughed off the accusation and confirmed that she and Giudice had not spoken in several years.

So what compelled them to give their friendship a second chance?

Was it the need to reconnect with a kindred spirit ... or a nice payday from the Bravo execs who obviously arranged to have the reunionn filmed?

We think you know the answer to that.

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