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This summer, Larissa Lima explained why she left behind two children when she moved from Brazil to the US. Fans were shocked.

Larissa doesn’t touch on the bittersweet subject often, but this week, she gave fans a precious glimpse at her young daughter.

Larissa Lima is Single Again
Photo via Instagram

In November of 2018, in the aftermath of Larissa Lima’s second arrest, we learned that she had left children behind in Brazil.

A person claiming to know her took to Instagram at that time.

Though initial reports were unclear, some claiming that Larissa had three children, it was later clarified that she had two kids.

According to the claims that circulated on social media, Larissa had all but abandoned her children in two different homes.

Larissa Lima Delivers Big News
Photo via TLC

To be clear, Larissa had not been living with her kids.

Both children were already in different homes — in both cases, with relatives — before Larissa left Brazil for her ill-fated marriage to Colt.

Larissa would eventually go on to explain that she had not "abandoned" her kids.

Rather, she wasn’t able to care for them so they were with relatives who could. That makes sense.

Debbie Johnson is Shocked

It wasn’t until May of 2019 that 90 Day Fiance viewers who don’t follow Larissa coverage here at THG learned the news.

On 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Larissa told Debbie about her two kids.

The scene was as emotionally difficult for Larissa as it was for Debbie.

Larissa was nervous to tell her, fearful of her reaction. And Debbie? Debbie was angry that Larissa had lived with her for months without telling.

Debbie Johnson Roasts Larissa Lima

Colt, of course, had already known, and also not told his mother.

He seemed like a neutral observer when Larissa revealed that she was a mom. 

Of course, Colt usually seemed to just sit back and watch Larissa and Debbie speak instead of chiming in for himself. It was weird.

Despite her anger, Debbie did admit that she understood Larissa’s hesitation in telling her. She could empathize with Larissa’s feelings.

Larissa Lima: Colt Johnson STOLE and SOLD My Wedding Dress!!
Photo via Instagram

Larissa’s revelation on television precipitated an avalanche of furious messages from her haters.

Despite having seen for themselves how torn and emotional Larissa felt, they decided that she had "abandoned" her children.

Larissa has explained that her plan was always to bring them to the US when she can do so and take care of them as they deserve.

She has also revealed that she speaks to her kids regularly — even daily — despite the distance between them.

During the last days of 2019, Larissa took to Instagram to share a glimpse at one of her children.

This is her young daughter, Luana.

Larissa explains in the caption of her Instagram Story that the moment was captured at her parents’ house in Brazil.

It’s so sweet to see Luana and we know that Larissa loves seeing her, too.

Larissa Lima Shows Off Her Newest Face

Of course, even this touching reminder may set off Larissa’s haters, who love to bring up her children.

We’d ask if they really think that Larissa should have brought her children to live in Colt’s house.

We’re not sure which would have been worse for them — the constant fighting or Colt’s notoriously expensive porn habit.

(Let’s be honest — people who have never been parents or caretakers sometimes do not remember to make their electronics child-friendly)

We hope that Larissa is soon in a position to give her children their best chance ata  successful and happy future.