Kody Brown Poses with Daughter, Tries to Look Like Decent Father

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We have a Kody Brown sighting, folks.

We repeat: We have a Kody Brown sighting!!!!!

This seems worthy of such excitement because it's rather rare for Sister Wives fans to see the series patriarch on social media.

Kody Brown and Daughter

In this new case, however, the photo of Kody comes not from his own Instagram account, but rather the one that belongs to wife Janelle Brown, who posted the image above this week.

It's a snapshot  of Kody and one of his many kids and it includes the following caption:

We are out tonight celebrating this girls birthday! I’m not sure how my baby girl is 15 years old. Happy Birthday Savanah!

Long-time fans of the program left one comment after another alongside the picture, expressing shock at how quickly this teenager has grown up.

Kody on Camera

Kody does look pretty happy in the rare photo alongside his daughter, who really does look almost exactly like her semi-famous mama.

Fans in the Comments section appears to agree, with people remarking: “Look[s] so much like Janelle!” and “Beautiful like her mother!”

Janelle, of course, is one of the less vocal Sister Wives.

She did recently take a moment hype up the new season, however, which debuts on TLC on Sunday, January 5 at 10/9c.

Kody, 2 Sister Wives

"A house divided," Janelle wrote as a caption to a picture of herself, Kody and his three other wives, teasing what's ahead in 2020 by adding:

The Browns thought their move to Flagstaff would bring them closer together, but unexpected complications draw them further apart...with Kody caught in the middle of his four wives.

What does this mean, exactly?

We'll need to wait a few weeks to learn for certain.

These Sister Wives

But the official TLC preview (below) does a solid job of ratcheting up the drama to come.

It appears as if a great deal of tension will bubble up between the Sister Wives as a result of their move last year from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona.

The move didn't sit well with many of the women, and his plan to have everyone live under the same roof really won't sit well.

As you're about to see here, it's also pretty clear that Meri will be the one to take the most exception with where things stand between herself and Kody... not that he sounds very understanding to her plight:

What else will we see on the new season?

  • Christine often returning to Las Vegas to try and sell the family's homes there.
  • The monterary issues that will stem from carrying FIVE mortgages at once.  (“Financially, we are DROWNING," Christine says at one point.)
  • Meri and Kody will be in therapy.
  • Maddie will go into labor and evidently try for a bathtub birth -- possibly without her husband by her side.

Click down below for a further look ahead:

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