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Perhaps we should have known this day would come.

Back in October, Jenni Farley dumped Zack Carpinello for a very, very good reason.

Jennifer Farley and Clayton Carpinello at the VMAs

After all, it’s one thing to get caught cheating on your significant other.

It’s quite another to get caught in the egregious fashion in which Zack got busted.

As you may recall, Carpinello groped Angelina Pivarnick while a drunken Jenni was passed out in his lap.

And he did all of this in front of an MTV camera crew, causing him to be promptly kicked to the curb when the footage aired a few months later.

Jenni Farley and Zack Clayton Carpinello

(Imagine how nervous dude must have been in the week leading up to that infamous episode.)

Fans applauded Jenni for dumping Zack, and not only because of the groping incident.

From the start, it seemed that the much-younger Carpinello was using JWoww to help his pro wrestling career.

On top of that, during his few appearances on Jersey Shore, Zack generally acted like kind of a douche.

Jenni and Zack: Back Together

So you can imagine the surprise and chagrin of hardcore Jenni fans when Carpinello posted the above pic on Instagram this week.

"You mean absolutely everything to me. You are my world. You are tremendously special in so many ways," Zack captioned the photo.

"You are an absolutely gorgeous woman inside and out. We are incredible together, and I want to be by your side for the rest of time. I love you @jwoww"

Needless to say, dude is really laying on the hard-sell here — especially that bit at the end.

Zack and JWoww

"We are incredible together, and I want to be by your side for the rest of time"?!

That’s the kind of sentence that’s usually written in cut-out magazine letters.

But despite the stalker-y vibe of Carpinello’s post, it seems that he and Jenni are once again Instagram official.

We’d say we expected more from Jenni, but to be honest, the way she’s behaved this season has caused us to lower our expectations.

This is Zack Carpinello

As you’ve probably heard, Jenni and the rest of the female Shore cast decided to bully Angelina at her own wedding last month.

In front of horrified guests, the trio delivered a roast in which they referred to Pivarnick as "trash" and a "dump."

As far as anyone can tell, the gals were motivated by lingering — and horribly misplaced — resentment over the groping incident.

Needless to say, Zack and Jenni’s relationship is very stable and mature, clearly destined for the long haul.