Prince Philip Released From Hospital For Final Christmas With Family?

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Earlier this week, news of Prince Philip's hospitalization was greeted the world over with grim consternation.

After all, Philip is 98, an age at which many, if not most, hospital check-ins are final.

Prince Philip Smiles

But despite troubling reports that his family had been instructed to prepare for the worst, a spokesperson for the family has confirmed today that Philip was discharged from the hospital in time to celebrate Christmas Eve with his family at Sandringham House.

“The Duke of Edinburgh has today left hospital after being discharged by his doctor and is now back at Sandringham [Estate],” Buckingham Palace said today.

“His Royal Highness would like to thank everyone who sent their good wishes.”

Concerns about Philip's hospitalization were compounded by reports that the famously stern dignitary had instructed his family not to visit him during his convalescence.

Prince Philip Walks

But royal officials attempted to downplay concerns by stating that the Prince had been admitted as a preemptive measure.

“The admission is a precautionary measure, on the advice of His Royal Highness’ doctor,” said the palace's PR department.

Even at Philip's advanced age, patients usually aren't admitted to the hospital for four days as a precaution.

So in all likelihood, the palace was indeed downplaying some sort of serious health concern.

All Hail Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

And many believe that they're continuing to do so.

Whatever the case, Queen Elizabeth's husband will be home for the holidays.

Sources close to the situation claim family members are preparing themselves for the possibility that this will be Philip's final Christmas at Sandringham.

Of course, at 98, that's probably the case with every Christmas.

The Queen Is Pissed

Still, the circumstances may help to explain why Queen Elizabeth is so pissed at Prince and Harry for skipping this year's festivities.

In case you haven't heard, the Queen snubbed Harry and Meghan big time by leaving them out of this year's Christmas address photo.

Yes, she's not only England's monarch, she also rules over the land of Passive-Aggressive Shade.

As for Philip, there's no telling what the future holds, but it's worth noting that this is the same badass who flipped his Range Rover earlier this year and walked away from the scene of the accident.

If anyone can turn this situation around, it's him.

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