Channing Tatum and Jessie J: It's Over!

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It seems like only yesterday we were reporting on Channing Tatum's split from Jenna Dewan.

Actually, it was about 18 months ago, but still -- Channing moved, on got serious with someone new, and went through another big breakup with impressive speed.

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Yes, Us Weekly is now reporting that Channing and pop star Jessie J have called it quits after over a year of dating.

Word that Jessie and Channing were dating first got out in October of last year.

The couple seems to have started dating not long after Tatum stated that he "loves" being single, because it allows him more freedom to travel.

The comment adds a note of irony to the reported cause of his breakup with Jessie:

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“There wasn’t any drama. They just decided to part ways and are still good friends,” a source close to the situation tells People magazine.

“Channing and Jessie have different priorities and focuses that don’t really align,” the source adds.

“They had a fun relationship, but it just didn’t work out.

"Channing needs to be in LA a lot so he can spend time with Everly. Jessie prefers England. They are still friendly though.”

The Channing

Well, on the bright side, we guess Channing's travel schedule will be a bit more open.

But for his next relationship, he might want to limit himself to folks who spend most of their year in the SoCal area.

Oh, well. Rebounds are rebounds, and it sounds like both parties had fun, and no one got hurt.

Interestingly, Jessie debuted a song she wrote for Channing in September, and the lyrics emphasize the importance of taking things slow and avoiding labels:

Jessie J Sings

“Where you go I know I want to follow / Let’s make a promise on today / Take it slow, baby steps so we don’t know when what comes next," she crooned to Tatum during an LA club show.

"Let’s be still, just stay calm, so we’re not rushing what we are / Pressure on, just have fun / It’s not a race, no need to run / If it’s forever / Let’s just simply be in love"

Okay, so maybe it was a little more than a rebound fling.

Still, Channing and Jessie are both about as chill as they come, so don't expect any mud-slinging from these exes.

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