Caryn Chandler: I'm Not Engaged to Matt Roloff... Yet!

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Should Little People, Big World fans prepare themselves for yet another bombshell to drop?

It's been quite a whirlwind over the last several weeks for the family at the center of this TLC reality show, as all the following developments have occurred since filming ending on their latest season:

Caryn Chandler and Matt

Jacob Roloff got married.

Amy Roloff's mother passed away.

Amy Roloff got engaged to Chris Marek.

Tori Roloff gave birth to a daughter.

Audrey Roloff entered the final month of her pregnancy.

Caryn and Matt at the Farm

It's hard not to wonder what might come next, and specifically it's hard not to wonder if one more engagement might come next.

After all, Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler have been a romantic item for years now, spending basically all their time together, both in Oregon and in a home we believe they purchased as a coulle down in Arizona.

As fans anxiously wait for either Matt or Caryn to confirm plans to marry, the latter continues to ingratiate herself deeper and deeper within the Roloff universe.

A recent case in point:

Caryn Chandler and Lilah

Yup, that's a picture of Caryn holding Tori and Zach's newborn daughter, Lilah, meaning she's close enough to the couple to have been one of the first to cradle the infant.

While plenty of Instagram users simply sent their well wishes to Chandler upon seeing this photo, one went ahead and remarked:

Thought I saw a ring on that left finger.

Caryn actually saw this comment and didn't waste any time shooting down speculation.

hahah. No - we r just enjoying life with no rush - I promise to let ya know if that changes tho, Caryn wrote back.

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff insta

There's been almost non-stop chatter about Chandler getting engaged to Roloff for well over a year now.

As you can tell by her response above, this is clearly a topic that has been discussed between the reality stars; it just seems like they aren't actually read to walk down the aisle any time soon.

Which is perfectly okay, of course.

If they're happy, why rock the proverbial boat, you know?

Caryn with Matt Roloff

Caryn and Matt even seem happy these days with Amy, as this photo is evidence there's no resentment between the exes.

This is refreshing to see considering Amy accused Matt of cheating on her with Chandler, who worked as the manager on the family farm prior to getting together with her boss in a sexual sense.

“We had someone that worked for us for a very long time, on our farm,” Amy wrote this summer in her memoir, referencing Chandler and adding:

"And I believe - this is all from my perspective - that there was more than just friends going on. And I think that evolved to a point where that got in the way of our marriage as well."

Amy and Matt were married for 28 years, share four kids, still work together and broke up in early 2015.

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