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Billy Smith and Joe Smith, twin brothers who starred on the British TLC reality show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, were found dead on Saturday in England, multiple outlets have confirmed.

They were 32 years old.

Billy Smith and Joe Smith
Photo via Instagram

The causes of their deaths were not made public.

However, the bodies of these siblings were discovered near a country road near a farm in rural Sevenoaks, Kent — they are believed to have taken their own lives in a joint suicide.

The Sun was the first publication to make this allegation in print.

But Celebrity Big Brother winner Paddy Doherty has at least confirmed the fatal news on Facebook, calling it a "terrible, terrible tragedy" and adding:

"I’m very sorry for their troubles from the bottom of my heart. May God look after them, may God have mercy on them, they are two angels, harmless, they were unbelievable."

Concluded Doherty in a Facebook video:

"Anyone watching this please say a prayer for those left behind. May God look after them. They are two angels. They’re in the kingdom of Heaven, walking on gold."

Elsewhere, Billy’s partner, Kristina Davey, wrote the following on social media:

"Hardest day of my life. RIP my perfect Bill, you were so pure so lovely. You made me the happiest girl – did everything for me, showed me love I never had.

"You always see stuff like this but you just never think it’ll happen to you."

"I can’t believe I have to type this together struggling to speak never mind put a sentence together," Davey continued. "I’m gonna make you so so proud my Bill, my life, my angel."

Bill and Joe starred in the third season of the aforementioned hit show. They were just 24 years old and working as gardeners at the time.

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, overall, chronicles the lives of and traditions of Irish traveler families.

Kent resident Jane Chippendale told The Mirror that Bill and Joe — the father of a young son and daughter — worked for their uncle’s landscaping company… and had recently stayed at her house for almost two months because there was no room at a local B&B.

She added that she last saw them aboout a month ago when they moved out and told her they were going to live at an aunt’s house, shortly after they returned from a trip to Thailand.

"They were like sons when they were here," she told this newspaper.

"They were so identical. It was hard to tell them apart. I can still see them smiling in front of me."

As of this writing, police are investigating the tragedy and will soon file an official report.

Without divulging the details why they believe so, however, the authorities are very confident these brothers took their own lives.

May they rest in peace.