Amy Roloff Doesn't Sound Too Excited About Her New House

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It can take time, change.

It can take time to adjust and get used to new surroundings and to realize that things that feel painfully abnormal are actually for the best.

This is the advice we'd give Amy Roloff right about now, based on a very recent Instagram message shared by the Little People, Big World star.

With Her Dog

The mother of four sold most of her farmland property to her ex-husband, Matt, several months ago.

She then spent awhile keeping social media followers abreast of her search for a new residence, which would mark the first time she lives off this Oregon farm in decades.

Just before Christmas, Amy moved into those house.

It's located in Hillsboro; it has five bedrooms and four bathrooms; and it takes up an area of 3,767 square feet.

Amy Roloff and Her Pet

It sounds nice and Amy sounded pretty happy to be spending Christmas at this new abode.

But that was back then.

Now? A few days later?

Perhaps we're reading too much into the caption that accompanied that above photo of Amy and dog over the weekend, but it opened as follows:

"A new house is something both Felix and I are adjusting to."

Amy Roloff on Christmas

The beloved, veteran reality star then continued:

Getting to know a smaller backyard, which is nice, living in a neighborhood, that’s pretty cool too, meeting some of the neighbors and working on making the house a home.

Furniture being delivered soon, closet being set up and wondering how I want to decorate it. That will be fun.

Let’s face it, the farm will always be the farm, no comparison, but a new house in a new neighborhood will have its own adventure and it will take time to get use to it and 2020 will be another interesting year.

Felix and I will hopefully be ready.

In the Car with Chris

Roloff isn't even trying to hide it very much, is she?

She's admitting that nothing compares to living on the farm and that she isn't quite satisfied with this different set-up quite yet.

Makes perfect sense, especially when you consider all the major changes that Amy is being forced to adjust to these days:

A new home. A new fiance. A new granddaughter. Life without her mother, who passed away late this past summer.

It's Moving Day

Mostly exciting, with the one obvious and tragic exception? Yes.

But it's still a lot for one person to deal with at basically the same time.

Give Amy time and we're sure she'll positively be gushing about this home and all the fun and creative ways she can make it her own.

Until then, we hope she hangs in there, has an amazing New Year's and an even more amazing 2020!

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