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Vicki Gunvalson would like to make something very clear:

Yes, she has a problem with Braunwyn Windham-Burke.

But, no, she isn’t homophobic.

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Last week, the long-time Real Housewives of Orange County personality went off on Windham-Burke during a taping of this show’s annual reunion special.

Specifically, Vicki took issue with Braunwyn’s behavior on Seaosn 14, pointing to how often she walked around at least semi-naked and also to that time she swapped spit on air with Tamra Judge.

“I don’t like the kissing. I don’t like the nakedness. I’m sorry. I don’t. I think it’s disrespectful,” Gunvalson said on the reunion, adding:

“Fifteen years, I started this show. We don’t do that. Turn it down, Braunwyn. Turn it down! … We have kids watching this!”

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Vicki was reminded by Andy Cohen and by her co-stars that she once flashed her boobs on an episode and that she once simulated oral sex inside of  a limousine during a bachelorette party.

But it isn’t Vicki’s hypocrisy on these topics that has many fans hurling shade in her direction.

It’s the fact that Gunvalson criticized Windham-Burke for kissing a woman.

Does Vicki have an issue with same-sex smooches?!?

Vicki Gunvalson is Incredulous

No, Vicki insisted over the weekend in an Instagram video.

“I’ve been seeing some things on social media that people are portraying me as homophobic. I’m gonna hit it right on, head on – I am not homophobic,” the reality star explained.

“I’ve got family members that are gay and lesbian and I’ve got obviously Bravo fans, personal friends. I’m not [homophobic]," she added.

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Gunvalson then doubled down on her sentiment toward Windham-Burke, insisting that her critique was fair and not at all rooted in anything anti-gay.

“What I did say [is] I don’t think it’s appropriate for Braunwyn to be making out on TV. I don’t care if it was with her husband or Tamra [Judge] or anybody,” Vicki continued.

“I just think it’s inappropriate. If she wants to go do that, do that off camera. I don’t really think that we all need to see it."

Vicki Gunvalson Says It's Ridiculous

Gunvalson concldued with a quasi apology and a message for the season:

I’m sorry if you all took it any differently than what the truth is. The truth is the girl bugs me, so probably pretty much anything that she does would bug me.

My message as we end our season 14, and enter into 2020. Peace be with all of you. Here’s to a healthy, happy New Year.

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Windham-Burke, for her part, defended her actions on the reunion.

She didn’t back down one bit in the face of Vicki’s rant.

“This is who I am,” she replied at the time. “I didn’t come on the show to give you the best version of me. I came on the show to be me. And you don’t get to decide it.”

Sounds fair to us, right?

And now the question remains: Will there be a major cast shake-up for Season 15?